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I'm sure all of you can relate to that one word at this time of year.... Busy! For me, I'm preparing for my handfasting, Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping, Yule (we celebrate both Christmas and Yule since most of our family is Christian), decorating, attending parties and oh so much more. To add to the business the kids are home a whole lot more this time of year. Lots of winter breaks for holidays.

But I've found that the most important part of these wonderfully busy days is taking a little time for myself. I'll take a long bath and meditate while listening to soothing music, knitting or cross stitching, baking my favorite goodies or candies, or just sitting and watching the snow fall while sipping homemade eggnog or hot cocoa. Right now I'm sitting here writing while listening to Bing Crosby sing White Christmas (my favorite holiday song) and reminiscing about watching White Christmas and Holiday Inn while sitting on my Grandpa Hayes's lap. Then listening to him tell stories of Christmases past when he was a child and saw Santa Clause.

I guess I'm writing this to beg each of you to please allow yourself the time you need to make this holiday season a very special one. Remember that it's not about how much you spend or busy you are. It's about celebrating the birth of the God and spending time with those you love. I hope each and every one of you is able to enjoy this wonderful and beautiful time of year!

May the Goddess bless you now and throughout this season!

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Comment by Anavrin on November 27, 2010 at 2:45pm
Thank you for this reminder! It's so easy to become frantic busy this time of year!


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