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I want to thank you for reminding me I am alive,
This just the push before the dive,
The pain in my chest is a constant reminder of that fact,
You could have caused less pain with more tact,
You did not have to string me along,
You knew I felt I did not belong,
Thought I glimpsed another traveler for a moment,
Turns out it was just another opportunity for more torment,
All alone I sit weeping,
While you lay there sleeping,
My pain so fresh and new,
I crave more as I am want too,
The ache I feel I am due,
It hurts so badly I want to spew,
Wishing it would all just end,
Hoping I can get my morals to bend,
Knowing the pain I would cause,
Lends them strength with out pause,
Pain and torment I suffer in this life,
For past mistakes I made even with an ex-wife,
Never to find happiness it seems,
Never to reach the moon beams,
Ever trying to reach higher,
While suffering pain like being in a briar,
The blackberry has such pretty flowers,
So like the high rise towers,
So easily destroyed in time,
The effort costs less than a dime,
I want the suffering to end,
So glad the pain will never end,

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Comment by Crescent (Rev) on December 2, 2010 at 11:30pm
Dear Rob, there is no pain like that of a broken heart that won't heal. But trite as it sounds, time does heal all wounds, although sometimes it takes forever. ;) Many Blessings,



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