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From an early age I was a very aware little person. I was one of the first Indigo of my generation. Always in the search of knowledge, I studied Wicca and Ancient Traditions durring my Teen years to then in my early 20's studied Reiki, Mastering Tibetan-Usui, Core Shamanism and Magnified Healing. After that I studied Tibetan Astral Surgery (And ancient shamanic way of healing from Tibet) with the school of Lama Tendzin Losel Amnra and I continue attending workshops and practices on Bioenergy, Biodancing, Bach Flowers Remedies, Family Constelations, Metamorphic Massage and more. On my search of a more traditional aproach of shamanism and Native American Culture I have study and work with several Medicine Man of various traditions as Amazonic, Lakota, Blackfeet-Ojibwa and Celtic attending Seminars and participating in Ceremonies in diferent countries as France, Uk, Spain and Ireland. Living in the rainforest of Costa Rica and its people gave me great teachings too. Im Sundancer and Sacred Pipe Carrier. I live in Granada and I run Medicine Circles and other Ceremonies aswell as I run my workshops in Shamanism, Cristal Healing as well as others and do my Healing work.



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Comment by Tony Jenkins on March 27, 2012 at 5:48pm

Quite the background. Hope you're enjoying your time here on site and perhaps teaching others about your background and practices!

Comment by Ness Shahamaat on March 29, 2012 at 3:25am

Hi. I do like it here, im a bit busy at the moment cause im moving to a new home, but when i can i join the chat to meet new people ;) Yes, i should think i have quite a background... Every step i took in my path i did it to find ways to heal and help, first myself and then others. Im not a formal wicca now, im a more a shaman healer tho i use every thing i have in my hands and of course wicca was a big part of me too so i kind of mix and it works for me... :)


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