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Lately I have been so tired of it all….
I’m not sure if it’s because I am dealing yet again with another infection and that my overall health is just being drained, or…. that it is just that I am so fed up with things…
Don’t get me wrong, I love being a witch/pagan/wiccan/or whatever you like to call it.. I love reading about every topic there is to find on the matter.. and recently I have been reading up on the “darker” side of Witchcraft. Or is it just that very old pre-Christianic nature’s spiritual force that we have gotten to know as Witchcraft?
I came to find this “darker” side because recently I have been following some people on YouTube telling about their “witches’ journey”. Many are nice genuine “witches/wiccans” that really show a true and faithfully happy spiritual journey, but as you might have seen or guessed already there are some “witches/wiccans” that tend to be nice but in the end, turn out to be downright rotten apples. The so-called “rotten apples” spread rumor, fight battles through the screen of their camera’s posting it on YouTube, threatening each other by shouting “they will get a lawyer on the other” if they don’t stop the harassment, the bullying, stalking or copying one’s subject they just aired 5 minutes ago. I’m sure you all have seen it sometimes. I actually find it downright surprising (or should I say disturbing?) there can be so much hatred and perhaps jealousy within the “pagan” community especially on a social media website like YouTube or even face book.
Weren’t we as witches/pagans spreading the word that we are practicing the most loving and accepting “religion” there is to exist?
There has been so much hatred, jealousy, ignorance and downright plain stupidity going around during the centuries within I think all religions, that in fact im really wondering why we indeed haven’t been blown into oblivion when the Mayan calendar said we were going to be.
Where has it all gone? Where is the peace? Where is the humility? Where is the friendly smile to greet you when you walk across the street? Why has it all have to be me, me, me, I , I, I, mine, mine, mine? I did this, I did that, this is my idea and someone else copies me, bla bla bla , yap yap yap, whine whine whine!!

Why are people like “hiding behind different identities”? Because it’s too easy and safe because it’s “just” the internet? Or are they that scared to find their own identity whether it is spiritual or personal?

Perhaps thís is where it all starts.. Finding your/my own identity….

Do I seek my spiritual identity? My personal identity?? Or do I have to find my personal identity in order to find my spiritual identity? Do you have to go to a Guru or Pope to find your own identity?

I say, NO! Stop! Stop and think for a change. Take 5 minutes out of your busy, hectic, “New-Yorkian Sex & the City style” lifestyle”, and just STOP! Stop with what you are doing, go out or look out the window, and just see what is happening around you.

I am not only talking about seeing with your eyes, but I mean really seeing what is going on! With every fiber of your being! See it, hear it, smell it, feel it, taste it!

Doesn’t it scare you?

Everything you see is going on for centuries now!
People killing each other, wars being fought, land being stolen from natives and getting killed if you don’t want to let go, animals being killed for food and for that special trophy beneath your feet or on your prize wall, people running across the street bumping against each other because they are just not looking around anymore! Even while I’m writing this sentence I feel the need to get outside and catch my breath!

Wouldn’t it just be easier if we would stop for a change and really see what we are doing, in order not to get blunted and blind sighted? You really don’t need to eat that Macdonald’s meal, smoke those cigarettes, or drink that beer to get your body checking out on you. And it will check out eventually! I can assure you that! Just really stop, and see what the hell you are doing! You really don’t have to wait for that coming heart attack or get cancer in order to get your brain back on track! Just stop and listen and help change the things that don’t go as they should go!

Get yourself back on track before the time catches up on you and do the things that will help make you a better person!

Start today! Not tomorrow or next week. It will all be gone soon enough!

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Comment by kevin paquin on February 20, 2013 at 7:09am

you are so right... for a while i thought i was the only one thinking this way about the world and where it is going. now if only we could get your message out there... and i mean "out" there for everyone to see hopefully make a difference.. or at least for those who care.

Comment by Littlewolf on February 25, 2013 at 8:17am

Re infection..cilantro tea and juice, ginger root juice with organic hoey and cinnamon and honey...all help the body to recover and fight off infection....also staying off all refined sugars and wheat products should help too.

Hoe that may be of help..blessed be :)

Comment by Aella Terra on February 25, 2013 at 9:33am

Hi and mm dear mentor 
In many ways you are right. Many people need to stop and see what they are doing. The only problem is, that we are here on this wonderfull earth of ours to learn what the meaning of duality is. Learn to find your own path, bithin the duality of humanity. This may we can find out who we are, for what if we would not have this duality? What if everyone was the same and thought the same way? Would we be able to learn anything? Would we become to see what “good” and “bad” are all about? Or for that matter would we ever find out what our heart realy wants and does not want?
In any way poeple have to be diffrent in order for us to be able to find our own path and our own identity. We may not like it some times but these are all lessons for us to learn. What if there would not be poeple like you are discribing? Then we would not know that we do not want to be that way. I am hopeing i am making some sence here.
It does not mean i agree with everyting they do. It is just that i have come to accept it for a fact and the only thing you can do is either talk to those people or just let them find the way to become positive in their own time. We are all making our own journey in the end.
Bright blessings
Aella Terra


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