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A Letter from Lady Elizabeth Hamilton

Hello, everyone!

Witch School. What is it? It's an online education platform; it's a community; and for many people, it's where they first felt at home.

I am one of the people for whom Witch School was the place I found that felt like “home”. This was around 15 years ago, and the lessons I have learned from those in the community that surrounds and encompasses Witch School have gotten me to where I am today. And I wouldn't change that for the world.

The greatest thing Witch School as a whole has done for me is teach me I am only limited by one thing: myself. And with that knowledge, and the love and support of everyone within the school system, I have surpassed my wildest dreams and imaginings. It is my hope that those students will then become teachers, clergy, entrepreneurs, and leaders in their turn. Do you want to change the world? You can! You will! It all begins here, with the decision to say, “Yes!”

And now, as an entrepreneur myself, I can say with full confidence that the top-to-bottom website rewrite is going to be an awesome thing for the school and everyone whom it serves. It will allow even more students to enter through the portal's gates; even more teachers and traditions to share their knowledge with those who wish to learn; and ultimately it will continue to serve as a loving “welcome home” sign to all who encounter it!

I am so confident in this endeavor that I am selling t-shirts through my business, and everyone reading this should order one. You can do that here:

Here is another place where your contribution helps all of it move forward:

With appreciation,
Lady Elizabeth Hamilton HPS
Universal Temple of Gaia

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Comment by Kittye Roberts-Sousa on July 27, 2018 at 12:04am
I wanted the Alter box. My ? is, will it be $75.00 a month? Or 1 time payment of $75.00.
Please E- me back at and let me know.


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