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Whenever I feel negative, emotional and a little off balance, I imagine the negativity washing off of me when I shower. First my body is black, covered in negativity. Then as I clean my body it rinses off and I imagine my body being completely cleansed of all negative emotions. And I say:

"As The Water Drains,
So Does My Negativity"

And after the last time I add

"So Mote It Be"

So if you too feel overwhelmed, emotional, stressed, please by all means, try this little method.

If it doesn't work for you that's okay. It doesn't hurt to try though ;-)

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Comment by alireza barari on September 30, 2013 at 6:47am

I've tried it and after shower I felt like I was born again I was released and purified.
what's the meaning of "so mote it be"?


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