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weird title huh? Well this guy who like me has been making me smile alot but everytime a guy starts showing interest in me I get depressed alot, and I really done know why, would anybody know, I'm starting to think something is deeply wrong with me. And yes you read the tilte right my dor is fixed, even though now my cat can't just push open my door and wake me from a nightmare...he uaually bites my wrist. Idk why, but it's made me look in to familiers...but he acts like a regular cat, but really smart I spoke to him french and I guess he understood cause he looked straight at me and jumped in my lap, which usually takes a bit of "come here tig-tig, whos a pretty kitty" and all that stuff. But yea I know I still think I'm weird...and there he goes meowing..if someone knows alot about familiers I would love to talk to you. But I'm tired and I have school lol cause I'll need a caffine high to get through my classes.
~Blessed Be

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Comment by Crescent (Rev) on January 31, 2011 at 3:03pm
Merry Meet, Hollie Lyne. Cats are amazing creatures. Mine awakens me every morning at the crack of dawn or around 5:30 - 6:00 am, wanting the blinds to be opened so he can see out, even if it's still dark. I open the blinds and he leaves me alone for another hour, then it's, "Get up, Mama!" and walks all over me or sits on top of me. He also knows when I feel depressed or sad and will come and be by my side or lie on top of me, giving me kisses and/or bites. If I were you, I'd get your door to where he can open it by himself, because he thinks it's important to get to you. Cats have feelings and intelligence just the way humans do, and show it often. Some are very affectionate; some like to be held or hugged; others just like to be in the middle of everything (my Bear Crowe is all three). Some cats communicate best with a look or gesture rather than talking, or out of their own curiosity, will start to communicate with us first. And some are pretty adamant about their communications! It's best to learn to observe cat behavior and language. Every cat has something in common and adds a little bit of their own personality to their language and behavior. For instance, the "ack - ack - ack" usually means "bird." And I've heard it said that cats will always say "meow" to a human, but my cat says so much more than a "meow." Maybe it's because I tell him "It's just us kitty-cats here" and he understands that, or he sees me as more than a human. Or he sees himself as more than a cat. Who knows? Here he is now, with kisses for me. He always knows when I'm thinking about him. I always ask his permission if he'd like to be my familiar before a ritual, and he's very happy to join in. I've learned to ask permission of all animals before taking their photo (it turns out better) or being in their presence (if I'm a stranger to the animal). It's simply polite. And the animals appreciate it, you can see it in their behavior. You just don't stick your hand out in front of a nose; you offer it, palm down and fingers curled under, and let the animal approach you; manners! And you might get bitten. Palm up suggests a threat and perhaps hitting, while palm down is a benign position. Enough about that. If you're interested, you might check out our WSI group, "Cats are familiars." Many Blessings,



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