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A Strange visitor on New Years Eve
Back in the late 90s we were having a New years eve party. I lived in Surrey/Delta and most of my friends were either from Costco or from the Surrey mountain bike community. Anyways we were having a pretty good time then this strange but beautiful dog comes up the back porch wagging his tail looking for making some new friends. Hed come to the right house. I let him come inside and offered him some turkey and potatoes. Everyone loved him right off the bat but we didnt know where he came from. He wasnt wearing a collar and had no other means of identification but he looked healthy and well fed. 12 oclock rolled around and we all gathered together including the dog and brought in 1998. Shortly thereafter the Dog wagged his tail and woofed goodbye to everyone and trotted off in the darkness.
The following year we again had a New years party with mostly the same crew of people. We were laughing our butts off as each cyclist attempted to ride down our frosty back staircase (harder than you can imagine) when we heard a woof and low n behold our visitor the dog showed up wagging his tail and licking faces. Nobody could get over the idea that he was a New years eve party crasher. We fed him roast beef and offered him a beer (he refused the beer) and once again he brought in the New Year then trotted off to wherever he came from. We never saw him around the neighborhood and often wondered where he came from but never did we find out where our furry partier laid his head at night. We moved to Whalley after that and often we wondered if wed ever see that Dog again.

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