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The last time I logged on to this site or WitchSchool was 6 or 7 years ago. I have gone through one ordeal after another and was emotionally and mentally tossed around and beaten down. I was sent down into a vortex of depression, that I could not fight or deal with for a long time.

I have always had a philosophy on how to deal with depression and anger. That is to do it one step at a time. It takes time, days, months, years. It takes asking for help, and it takes belief. With the help of my family, friends and my beliefs, I have survived.

I have built myself back up and I am stronger for it. My daughter has not only graduated high school but college as well. We still practice our rituals and beliefs. We both are building our future and looking forward to it.

I am actually getting remarried next month to a man who has helped me through the darkness and vortex. He has let me cry, yell and scream at him and he just holds me when I need it.

I am stronger in my path now then I ever was before. I recognize now that I want to help others heal as I was healed. I recognize the guides that were there to help me before that I missed because I was blind to them. I feel the touch of the spirits in my life and in my heart.

I have grown as a woman, and as a Pagan throughout this ordeal. I am not ashamed of who or what I am. I am me.

I will continue my studies here and I hope to meet new people and new friends.

Blessed Be,

Storm Magick

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