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Hey all! Me again!

So I've been thinking that I would like to get myself a copy of some of the books Witch School has put out. Like for my lessons and stuff. Normally, I just read the info off the page and sometimes I'll even print it out for my personal references. But when I'm reading the lesson on the net, with my attention span the info goes in, and then blows right back out (It's that whole 'blonde windtunnel between the ears thing lol) and when it comes to printing... I go through a lot of ink as is, and that is a VERY expesive comodity lol.

Besides, if I were to buy the book, wouldn't the money help out Witch School? See, that's something that I would love to put money toward. Also, I would personally feel more... official if I had the book, you know? Instead of little print-outs, I could refer to a big ole' fancy book. I dunno, maybe that's just me

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