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An Introduction to the Elder Futhark Runes Part 3

By, Chris Blaney

Alright, now we will be taking a look at the second Aett or section of 8 of the Elder Futhark Runes or Heimdall's Aett. I realize in the last blog I had mentioned showing you how to do a 12 month reading, but, i've decided as this is an introduction to Rune casting, there are some more useful layouts that are not as complex those are what i would like to show you in this 3rd blog of the series. You have to crawl first before you can walk. So it will be covered soon enough, as well as other juicy tidbits of knowledge for your minds to enjoy. And we'll go over a casting that is useful in defining your path when two options are present, or can be used for relationship matters or conflict resolution. So it is rather versatile when you think about it.

So, first let us take a closer look at Heimdall's Aett:

9. Hagalaz

Hagalaz is the Rune of hail. It is riddled with destructive forces or energies used for breaking the structure of things. But instead of only a negative interpretation think of Hagalaz as showing you a trial or something you must endure through a change, but use your intuitions to see whether it is a positive or negative change. For example if you wish for things to be different or your not happy with how things are going, than Hagalaz may be the rune you are looking for. If you are comfortable and happy with where you are at, then it will show that you may be in a position to lose that comfortable zone.

Merkstave: Hagalaz can't be drawn as merkstave, so the interpretation of whether it is a good or bad thing to see in a reading depends mostly on the persons view of things.

10. Nauthiz

This is a Rune for the needing, limitations, or pain. Nauthiz when seen in a reading means that there is going to be pitfalls or obstacles in your path. Though through experiencing them you may have a chance to find that which you need in order to either make a change, or move around the obstacle. Being self reliant in these times is a must.

11. Isa

Isa is the rune of ice. It is best described at a point of being frozen, or unable to move or change a situation. Isa either shows us the inability to do much about whatever we are seeking, or it (because it can't be drawn merstave) can also be a sign that we need to have patience and do nothing at that moment. To let nature take its course and through waiting to "thaw out" the situation may be ready for welcomed changes at that moment in time.

Merstave: As mentioned before, Isa can't be drawn merkstave but its representation in the casting will play a large part in how it is interpreted.

12. Jera

Jera is the Rune of the year, or the harvest. Basically a reminder in what is sown is what is reaped. This is another happy no merkstave rune that also depends alot on interpretation. If the seeds of negativity have been sown, then one can expect a negative reaction or "bad harvest". However if positive actions are put forth, then they will show in the "fruits" of your efforts. So Jera can be a reminder of good, or bad, it will remind you of the steps you took and intentions to get to the destination or aquire what you are looking for.

Merkstave: As mentioned before, no reversed for this rune.

13. Eihwaz

This is the Rune of the Yew tree, it represents the ability to be strong, but also to be flexible. More or less to be determined in your path, but allow "the winds of change" to allow you to bend without breaking. It means to be strong with your intentions and actions, but allow things around you to be different and express yourself accordingly.

Merkstave: Eihwaz in this position means more the inability to deal with change, or having weakness in the face of changes becoming apparent in the situation. One should find a safe ground to focus themselves and become strong again before trying to continue on.

14. Perth (or Perthro)

Perthro is the Rune of intuition, or also known as the cup. It means finding hidden knowledge or learning mysterious things as sort of a way fill your "cup" or mind with knowledge, or secrets to help you make progress. It is described as breaking into unknown barriers and becoming part of something. Whether this is through decisions that you make, or actions you take.

Merkstave: This can mean your at a state of illusion or not able to receive that which you need. Being stagnant in your attempts or not bothering to make them at all. And as an opposite remaining in the space you are because of it.

15. Algiz

Algiz is the Rune of the Elk. And as the elk is cunning, protective, territorial of its space, so Algiz should be looked to as protection of yourself, or things that you consider important to you. Whether its your home, your job, yourself, even the decisions your making. Take the steps to keep yourself and things that are important to you protected.

Merkstave: In a merkstave position Algiz can seem to mean that you are vulnerable or in a position to be hurt. So if it comes up in one of your readings this way, take heed in its warning and act accordingly to hold steadfast for the coming problems or stress in your life.

16. Sowelu

Sowelu is the Rune of the sun. It generally represents good fortune, warmth, and situations working themselves out in the way that you would generally like them too. Or shows that the end result of things will be something that you have sewed the seeds, nurtured, and now will harvest. So in turn it also can't always just be a positive Rune if you have taken the wrong steps to get somewhere.

Merkstave: As Sowelu can't be drawn inverted the distinction of whether it is a good or bad meaning solely is determined by the steps that were taken to get where you were trying to go or get what your achieving.

Now, we have gone over Heimdall's Aett with some explanation of the definitions of them. As you can see we have more Runes that cannot be cast merkstave so this is another reason why I say that you should let your Runes talk to you and sort of feel out their intentions in your readings. Just be sure to have an open mind and be ready for any kind of intuition or guidance that they can give you.
Now lets discuss another type of rune casting that is useful when two situations effect something. Like two people who are having problems with eachother. A relationship perhaps.


[6] [5] [4] [3] [2] [1]

1. Represents one person or problem (this is usually determined by the reader as they can connect to whom they wish when pulling the Rune and laying it on the cloth or table)
2. Represents the other person or problem
3. This represents the past of the 1st person regarding the situation or the situation itself
4. This represents the past of the 2nd person regarding the situation or the situation itself
5. This is advice for the 1st person or problem to make progress
6. This is advice for the 2nd person or problem to make progress
7. Would be the final result in dealing with both and either what you should chose if it is a situation, or in the terms of two people would be the result of the relationship, friendship, anger, whatever is between them.

This casting is very useful when trying to make a decision on which path to take if there is more than one option. But even still, I would recommend a seperate Rune casting for each if this does not make it clear enough for you or you would like more detailed guidance.

Well this concludes the 3rd installment of this Blog series. For those of you who are reading and following it with me I thank you and hope that you get some wisdom from it.
Best Blessings,

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