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For those of you who are Keepers and Heads of Temples, Proto Temples, Witan Shrines, Stand Alone Formal Shrines and Orders it is now time to submit your Annual Lustration Reports.

Distance Formal Shrine Keepers:
For those of you with Formal Shrines attached to a Temple please send your completed Lustration Report to your Temple’s Keeper for inclusion with their report, please make sure you get your report to them as soon as you can so that you do not hold up their report submission.

Stand Alone Formal Shrine Keepers:
If you are the Keeper of a Stand Alone Formal Shrine (i.e. not attached to a Temple) please send your Lustration Report directly to me

The deadline for submission is 1 April 2020Annual%20Lustration%20Report%202020.docx any reports received after this date will be registered as having not been submitted.

Temple Keepers:
If you are a Keeper/Head of a Temple with a distance shrine under your imperium, please ask the keeper to send their Lustration Report to you. This should then be included with your Temple Report that you submit.

If you do not understand the Lustration Report Form, you know you will not be able to submit it in time and need a little longer or for any other reason please let me know as soon as possible

Please send your completed report to before the 1 April 2020
Do not convert your report to pdf please send it as a word document

Many Blessings
Rt. Rev. Anna Rowe A.P. CCE.
Witan Herald

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