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Well, after two years with the Black Forest Clan of the American Eagle, I have left and come back to Witch School. They make up their rules as they go along. They do not have any BFC magick so they can't teach any. I have never felt comfortable with their rituals. They do not cast a proper energy circle. They just say the circle has been cast. How lame! I was hoping I would find a "family" to study with as well as have social events with. It was just not worth the lies and deceit they fed me. They started kicking people out saying they were doing "bad" magick to other members of the clan but they could not give me any proof. Sounded a lot like the Salem witch trials to me. There was so much jealousy and back biting among the members I had to just leave. I was so disappointed! But I am happy to be back and working on my second degree.

Moonlight Weaver

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