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Ryan’s Revelations
1. All of the earth is our kin it is nescary spiritually to tread on it as lightly as possible to preserve it for future generations.
2. It is nescary in order to serve the Gods not to consume the flesh of our breathern. While this dose please the Gods. Abstaining from eating flesh has spiritual and physical benefits.
3. As Above So Below. As We Meditate on any given Deity no matter the intent. That particular God/ddess is trying to awaken themselves within us. ( I made this generic but I was meditating on Shiva when I came to this one)
4. Musical Instruments or a stereo are great tools for any magickal arsenal. Different types of instruments correspond with different elements which go with different types of magicks but the really important thing is that whatever is used it gets your emotional flow going for the desired perpous I will make some suggestions based on what has worked in the past but there is no garentee that they will work for you
• Heavy metal- negative magick or other strong emotional magicks
• R&B- love/ lust
• Pink Floyds “money”- money
• Country – nature spells
5. Daily worship is nessacary, to all aspects of the practice of magick; including spiritual progression. The more a soul Channels divine energy, the more it is capable of channeling. As a Snowball picks up mass, power, and density so does the vibration of the soul.
6. Spiritual progression is not gaining power, becoming well known, gaining influence or teaching esoteric knowledge. It is tempering your soul in the fires of the Gods, so that you not only know certain truths but put the truths to practical application as well. Then the power, influence, and respect, will come.
7. Spiritual truths
• All souls are immortal Righteous souls are divine.
• All souls are the same even the souls of the Gods. The Gods are just more mature.
• The Soul changes bodies like the body changes clothes.
• The purpose of this incarnation is to become one with Keither/Brama/All.
• You create your own reality.
8. Inflame thyself in prayer. Most prayer doesn’t work because most people do not know how to pray. As with magick it will not work without the proper measurement of emotion to create the right amount of energy. Energy is the language that the universe speaks without it you will achieve nothing. Motioning with your hands is a great way to create emotion. Another way is to focus on the face of God of the sacred names of God. It is important to never go to God with tears in your heart. Tears imply a lack of faith, and lack of faith, communicates lack of belief. It is also important to never ask the Supreme Being for favors he/she is not a fairy Godmother. God knows the situation already and will take care of your needs and desires out of love not obligation. If you need anything you can get it with the use of magick. But do not directly ask God for anything. It is important to never mutter prayers unimportantly you are talking to the supreme it is very important. Standing is another thing standing while praying is a great way to show respect for the divine that you are addressing.
9. The only God that is complete is Brama/ keither/All (or whatever name you like for the Supreme personality of Godhead you like) any other god needs male and female counterparts inorder to be complete.
10. The purer the body the more energy the soul can conduct.
11. There are very few religious laws that are from the Gods themselves. The only Law that I know for sure that has not been corrupted by man is: love one another as thyself.
12. Because of #11there aren’t any energies that anyone cannot work with Universalism is the key.
13. The spread of peace and Love is essential to doing the Work of the Gods. If anyone doses not have love they have not been sent by the Gods.
14. Universalism, Peace, and Love are the keys to the continued survival of Humanity.
15. Most things that smell bad are evil.
16. Even Lord Ganesh Chants “Om Nahmo Shiva”

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