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Book Review - When Someone You Love Is Wiccan, by: Carl McColman

When Someone You Love Is Wiccan
by: Carl McColman

I downloaded this book onto my Kindle so that I could preview it; thinking I might buy it and give it to my mother. I wanted to make sure that I agreed with everything in the book, before handing it off to her as I'm sure it will be the only book on the matter she ever reads. (unless of course as the book suggests, she reads more on the subject later to better acquaint herself with my religion - heh, unlikely) Actually its unlikely that she will read this one - and who knows if I will ever grow the proverbial balls to actually give it to her. You would think that as long as I have been on this path, and as many times as I have had to "discuss" (see: defend) my beliefs to other people that I would not be so afraid of having the same conversations with my family - but they still intimidate the hell outta me. I realize of course that to them, it looks like I'm ashamed or something of my religious choices, but in actuality, its just that I turn into a 5 year old in the face of my family's disapproval and absolutely cannot form thoughts fast enough for my mouth to say what I want when I need to say it. Our last conversation literally went like this:

Mom "Do you really think that this is the *truth*"
Me: panic; panic; heart rate shoots up; face turns red; panic; panic; eyes water
Me: "uhh there is no truth, mom"

What I really meant - there is no ONE truth. There is ALL truth for ALL people... here I should have explained my religious ideals... but did I... nope.

Anyway, so my short-comings aside, back to the book. I found it's information very clear and correct in nearly all instances. The questions they posed were ones that Christians and interested parties have asked me in the past, and things that as a parent, I can understand the concern about. (when looking from a completely unknowing, outside perspective about witch-craft) A lot of the info towards the end of the book was directed at parents of teens exploring the path. I actually really wish that I had found this book for Mom and Dad back when I was a young pagan teen, hiding my practice in my bedroom, and going on an absurdly large number of "camping trips". I don't know if it would have helped or hurt at that point to have been so open about it, but it certainly would have been different than the "elephant in the room" mentality that I lived with then and still now.

The book is written in a way that makes opposition to the craft sound like what it is - religious prejudice - and teaches tolerance as a road to acceptance or at least harmonious cohabitation of beliefs. It addresses key concerns that folks tend to have (what is magic really, why a Goddess, I'm afraid your going to hell...) and does so in a completely intelligent way.

I recommend this book to anyone who either wants to know more about the craft of the wise, or knows someone who is interested in Paganism. It definitely covers every topic you might have question about, but are afraid to ask.

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Comment by Paula West on April 22, 2011 at 10:19am
Thank you for the info on the book, I think i will get this for a few of my family members so that they can read instead of always try to argue the point with me. Great input!!
Paula West


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