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Well, here we are again –time for a brand new Calendrical Year! And as every year it’s also time for my New Year Address, looking back at the old year and forward to the new.

This has been an epochal year for the Correllian Tradition. In April of this year we seated a new First Priestess Coregent, Arch Priestess Stephanie Neal. This was the first investiture held in 37 years –that’s pretty memorable just by itself! Although we have had Regents from time to time, we have never had a Coregency before and I could not be happier with how it has turned out! First Priestess Stephanie and First Priestess Krystel now share this office, with Lady Stephanie taking the active duties of the office while Lady Krystel enjoys her (for the most part) retirement from public life. I want to thank Lady Stephanie for doing such a wonderful job in this role, and for being such a help and support to me. Go Lady Stephanie!

This year was also the first full year of the Witch School site under Correllian Educational Ministries, which took over the Witch School site from Witch School International in Year 15. It has been an eventful year for Witch School and has seen many new personnel move up to take positions of in the administration. I want to thank Witch School President Rev. Charlynn Walls HP for all of her hard work this year! I would also like to thank Rev. Laurie Denman HP in Member Support, Rev. Windy Lajoie CCE, Rev. Anna Rowe CCE, and Rev Vivian Dewey HP for their work in the Mentoring Departments, Rev. Shira Lanari HP and Rev. Vega Lanari HP at the Ning Site, Rev. Lori Blackman in Social Media, and all of the many hardworking volunteers in our Mentoring and Media departments! I especially want to thank Michael Ferrell in Tech without whom we could not keep all of this going! Also a huge thank you to Pam Kelly at Pagans Tonight Radio and all of our wonderful PTRN hosts!

As you may know we have been working for some months on a total rewrite of the Witch School site. At present the ETA for the new site is February –but it is a huge undertaking that has taken longer than first expected. The new site will offer greater functionality and will be more user friendly for students and faculty alike. In addition I am pleased to announce that we will are planning a series of new Herbal and Aromatherapy classes starting in the spring, significantly expanding our Herbal Studies offerings. The special price for Witch School Lifetime Memberships will continue until the new site opens –

Meanwhile, the rewrite is finished and available for viewing now! This is the main website for the Correllian Nativist Church and it has been completely redone and extensively updated. Here you can learn about the Tradition’s structure and history, Correllian groups, Correllian authors, biographies of prominent Correllians, and more. Presently this remains a purely informational site- In the future a members-only section will be added, but that is still under construction.

An important feature introduced this year and continued on the new site is the Corr Store. The Corr Store is the Tradition’s store where you can find books, robes, patches, and more! You can find the CorrStore at!

There are lots of other great things coming for Year 17 as well. The Lustration of the Ancestors is shaping up to be a quite remarkable event. The Lustration of the Ancestors will be held on the weekend of March 31 – April 2. Phyllis Currott, former Vice Chair of the Parliament of the World’s Religions, will be our special guest.

This year I will be Guest of Honor at the Aquarian Tabernacle’s Spring Mysteries Festival, April 13-16! I am really looking forward to that! You can learn more about the Spring Mysteries Festival at!

Also, as every year, I will be attending the St. Louis Pagan Picnic in St Louis (June 3-4, and WitchsFest USA in New York City (July 14-16, –these are wonderful events open to everyone so if you are in the area come on out and see us!

And finally I will also be attending the first annual International Pagan Music Awards! You can learn more about IPMA at!

As for Year 16, it was a big year for me personally. This year I became a grandfather when my beautiful grandson Xander was born to my wonderful son John and daughter-in-law Michelle! How cool is that? I was so chuffed.

Also this year marked my fortieth year as a Correllian Priest. That’s a long time. It has been a long road –though overall a wonderful adventure. It is not reasonable to think there will be forty more years, as that would leave me an improbably old man, but I do hope to have many more years in office. I have loved watching this Tradition expand, and loved watching its members grow and blossom. We have wonderful people in this Tradition, and I love you all. One year or twenty, I will be here for the duration (and then in all likelihood I will be back).

So, as we go into the new calendrical year, I am pretty pleased and very excited for what is to come! I hope you are too because we are going to see some great things in our particular corner of the world!

Blessings to all!

M. Rev. Donald Lewis-Highcorrell,

Chancellor and First Priest (et al)
Correllian Nativist Tradition

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Comment by Davin Raincloud on January 11, 2017 at 1:15am

Congratulations Granddad Rev Don! Wonderful!


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