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Chancellor's Report from the Regional Lustrations of the Living for Year 17 Aq.

Greetings all!

This year we are happy to bring you reports from two Regional Lustrations:

7-8 October - Compassion League Temple Regional Lustration, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

10 October - Sedna Temple Online Regional Lustration

See the Adventure Page for these Lustrations at


Compassion League Temple of Jacksonville Florida hosted a Regional Lustration of the Living on the weekend of October 7-8, Year 17 Aq. This was a wonderful and very successful event attended by people from many Temples in several states from three countries (US, Mexico, Spain). Many thanks to Arch Priestess Ser Angela Munn and all the good people of Compassion League Temple who worked so hard to make this Regional Lustration so special!

Much of the event was live streamed by Rev. Lori Barberio Blackman, Press Secretary of the Correllian Tradition. The video appeared live on and can also be seen in the archives. The live stream at times had well over 4000 live viewers. Video was also shot for Magick TV and can be seen there as well!

The event began with Opening Remarks. First Priest M. Rev. Don Lewis began by welcoming everyone and expressing thanks to Lady Angela and the members of Compassion League Temple. Then Rev. Ser Mike Neal spoke about the Lustration Auction, and Rev. Lori Barberio Blackman spoke about the Tarot AI project. Finally, First Priestess M. Rev. Stephanie Leon Neal spoke about improvements and changes in our educational programs. You can see the Opening Remarks at

A variety of delightful workshops were presented throughout the afternoon, including:

Dessert and Divination -in which participants were drawn by lot to read for one another, while enjoying a range of cookies and other sweets offered on the buffet. Rev. Phoenix Williams, HP, even called in from New York to take part, reading via video for Arch Priestess Laurie Denman. This was a fun event in which we all got to experience a wide range of different reading styles!

Hecate Meditation -Next Rev. Gaia Rose of Serenity Shrine (Florida) lead a guided meditation focusing on the Goddess Hecate. You can see this workshop, and take part in the meditation, at

Poetry Workshop - Next Pat Munn of Compassion League Temple (Florida) offered a Poetry Workshop, in which participants were asked to create a poem using a simple formula. This workshop was inspired by a technique Mr. Munn used during his years as an educator. The workshop was great fun and some truly beautiful poems were produced which are wonderful keepsakes for those who took part! You can see the Poetry Workshop at

Introducing Corrie the Correllian -Next Rev. Meranda Favro of Compassion League Temple (Florida) spoke about "Corrie the Correllian". Corrie the Correllian is inspired by "Flat Stanley". The goal is for Corrie to visit every Correllian Shrine and Temple, showcasing each and strengthening the bonds between us!

Wire Wrapping Workshop -Next Rev. Meranda continued with a Wire Wrapping Workshop in which she taught participants a simple technique for wire wrapping stones! Participants were allowed two stones, which could be either raw or polished, which they learned to wrap. One stone was theirs to take home, while the other stone was dedicated to the Tortoise Enclosure being created at Chosen Path Temple (Florida). You can see both Corrie the Correllian and the Wire Wrapping Workshop at

As the afternoon drew to a close we adjourned for Initiations. All Lustrations include initiations and initiatory confirmations for those who desire them. Once these ceremonies lasted for hours and might include dozens of initiates, as there were relatively few Temples available to facilitate initiations. Today Temple initiations are more readily available, and many people prefer to have the ceremony at their home Temple, so there are fewer initiations at Lustrations.

At this Lustration, Rev. Jozette Spina of Compassion League Temple was initiated into the First Degree of Clergy.

In addition, Mylinda Whitely of Compassion League Temple, Reid Deal of Lady of Light Shrine, Bowen Barrs and Rayana Kathleen, both of Chosen Path Temple, made their dedications.

Congratulations to all initiates and dedicants!

Saturday's final event, following the initiations and a feats, was the “Correllians Got Talent” talent show!

The Correllian Tradition places a great emphasis on the arts, and we were very pleased to see these performances!

Performers included Rev. D. J. Fortney of Sacred Sea Temple (Georgia) who performed on the flute: Arch Priestess Lily Green of Sacred Sea Temple (Georgia) performed a dance: Rev. Josette Spina of Compassion League Temple (Florida) who read selections of her poetry: Arch Priestess Ser Angela Munn of Compassion League Temple (Florida) who performed on the organ: and Draig Spellsinger, a Friend of Tradition from the Olympic House of Venus-Hathor (Florida), who sang. You can see the first four performances at (regrettably the final performance was not filmed).

Sunday morning began with the Deeming ceremony.

The Deeming ceremony is a hearing in which Correllian groups apply to progress through the Temple Making Process. The Deeming ceremony occurs at every Lustration, and is presided over by the Templar Grand Deemstress of the Tradition; Rt. Rev. Ser Angela Munn.

For this Lustration, Lady Angela was joined on the Deemsters’ tribunal by Arch Priestess Laurie Denman and Arch Priestess Lily Greene.

The following groups stood for Deeming in this session:

Ignis Aeternum headed by Rev. Alexandros Armaos and represented by Arch Priest Eblis Solaris

Sunflower Shrine headed by Rev. Sam Shryock and represented by Rev. D. J. Fortney

Our Lady of Light Shrine headed and represented by Rev. Lori Barberio Blackman.

You can see the Deeming ceremony at

After a break, it was time for the Lustration ceremony itself!

The Lustration ceremonies are rituals of blessing and protection, which feature the Oracle of the Ancestors and the Blessing of the Ancestors as the central act. During the ceremony the entire Tradition and all of its members are symbolically blessed by aspersion with Lustral Water that has received the Blessing of the Ancestors.

Each year the Tradition holds a single, global, Lustration of the Ancestors, as well as multiple Regional Lustrations of the Living.

The following people took part in this Regional Lustration of the Living.

Guardian: Moonraven Iuvantas a Friend of Tradition from the Olympic House of Venus-Hathor (Florida)

Sonifer: Draig Spellsinger a Friend of Tradition from the Olympic House of Venus-Hathor (Florida)

Aquifer: Mylinda Whitely of Compassion League Temple (Florida)

Lucifer: Katie Gunn of Compassion League Temple (Florida)

Junovactor: High Priest Ser Mike Neal of Sacred Sea Temple (Georgia)

Genevocator: Arch Priestess Laurie Denman of Chosen Path Temple (Florida)

Eastern: Guardian: Pam Beck of Chosen Path Temple (Florida)

Southern Guardian: Reid Deal of Lady of Light Shrine (North Carolina)

Western Guardian: Rev Jozette Spina of Compassion League Temple (Florida)

Northern Guardian: Rayana Kathleen of Chosen Path Temple (Florida)

Vocifer: Bowen Barrs of Chosen Path Temple (Florida)

Rite Lector: Rev. D. J. Fortney of Sacred Sea Temple (Georgia)

Rite Priestess: Rev. Lori Blackman of Lady of Light Shrine (North Carolina)

Rite Priest: Chadwick Blackman of Lady of Light Shrine (North Carolina)

Elder: Arch Priest Eblis Solaris of Templo Dragon (Mexico)

Elder’s Herald: Arch Priestess Lily Greene of Sacred Sea Temple (Georgia)

Offertory Priestesses: High Priestess Ayra Alseret of Templo de Hecate (Spain) and Haley of Compassion League Temple (Florida)

Califers: Rev. Gaia Rose of Serenity Shrine (Florida) and Ben of Compassion League Temple (Florida)

The First Priestess and First Priest filled the roles of Chief Priesthood for the ceremony.

As always, there were a number of awards presented during the ceremony. For this Lustration cycle the following were awarded:

Order of the Thurible

Rev Aisha Beauchemin, Temple of Arcere (Massachusetts)
Ser Apu Aghama, Luntiang Aghama Shrine (Philippines)
Rev. Ayra Alseret, Templo de Hecate (Spain)
Rev. Heleia Art Green, Templo Dragon/Hecate Triformis (Dominican Republic)
Rev. Jinn Erudite, Temple of Arcere (Massachusetts)
Rev. Julia Ortega (Spain)
Rev. Keneth Kendall, Temple of Arcere (Massachusetts)
Rev. Ser Teri Ott, Order of Peace Weavers (Washington)

Copper Athame

Rev. Ser Colin Keller, Lady of Peace Shrine, Virginia
Rev. Beatrix Wolfe, Templo de Arbol Blanco, Spain
Dakarai Fox, Templo de Arbol Blanco, Spain
Rt. Rev. Eblis Solaris, Templo Dragon, Mexico
Rev. Nesme Rea, Bosque del Norte Proto-Temple, Guatemala
Rev. Pluma Argenti, Santuario de Ereshkigal, Mexico

Iron Pentacle

Elbrus Hara, Templo de Arbol Blanco, Spain

Rev. Equinox Silvermoon, Sedna Temple, United Kingdom
Rev. Tine Estrella de la Tarder, Templo de Arbol Blanco y Orden de los Cambiapieles, Spain

Golden Wand
​Rev. Shaoran Daniel Pacho, Mexico
Rev. Mestet Sa Hor, Santuario de Ptah, Spain
Rev. Lori Barberio Blackman, Lady of Light Shrine, North Carolina

In addition it was announced that all of the groups standing for Deeming were advanced to the next stage of the Temple Making Process. In the case of Ignis Aeternum this means that the group has attained full status as a Correllian Temple and that the Temple's Head, High Priest Alexandros Armaos, may now be seated on the Witan Council.

The Oracle of the Ancestors was:

Behold new days are upon us and new doors have opened

The winds of change blow strongly
And as the old is swept away the new may be built
We have told you for some time
That the work for which you have prepared is upon you
It is even more so now and shall continue to intensify
All that you have learned, all which is set before you
Is needful in these days
The shaping of the Age is underway
And those things you wish to see you must build
Take it into your own hands and mold the energy
Or it will take other shapes which may not be agreeable to you
Carry forth the ideals you have embraced
Use the techniques you have been taught
And build the world you wish to see
For these are the years in which that building is possible
Create the forms which will make a world
In which all may live in peace and freedom
The world is always a school room of many lessons
The room may be bright or dark
The doors may be open or closed
The seats may be large or confining
And those choices are being made now
So as you go forward from this place
And in these next years, remember
To send forth the energy of those things you wish to see
That they may come to pass
These are our words to you
And we ask that you remember them as you go forward

You can see the entire Lustration ceremony at

We want to thank Arch Priestess Ser Angela Munn and all of the good people who worked so hard on this wonderful event! Every Lustration is a unique and special time that reflects the individual nature of the host Temple. This Lustration strongly reflected the kindly, welcoming, and highly artistic nature of Compassion League Temple, and the wonderfully supportive Jacksonville Correllian community as a whole!

We also want to thank Rev, Lori Blackman for her efforts in videographing and live streaming this event so that so many people not able to be present could still be a part of Lustration!

Thank you all!


In addition to the Regional Lustration of the Living in Jacksonville, Sedna Temple in the UK also held a Regional Lustration online on October 10, Year 17 Aq. Sedna Temple holds an online Regional Lustration each year -for more information or to take part contact Arch Priestess Anna Rowe at

Here is the oracle from Sedna Temple’s online Regional Lustration:

"Great things have already been achieved, a goal has been reached.

The success and accomplishments have created
A richness, spiritually and materially for the future.
Wisdom has been gained from the past apply it to the present
Through hard work, determination and patience future rewards will be reaped.
Although a project has been stalled, all is going well and is on the right track.
Solitude will bring depth and wisdom.
A new way of seeing things may lead to insights and enlightenment
Open up to psychic energies, different ideas, things may be on hold for a reason.
Push ahead but be cautious, there may be upheaval or change in the future beyond our control.
A decision will be made that cannot be reversed, let go and allow things to sort themselves out.
Seek help rather than going it alone.
Take time, consider all aspects, weigh options, be objective.
Do not deviate from the rules before making a decision so it can be executed with confidence.
Be a source of peace and diplomacy.
Balance and harmony will bring perspective for an imminent new direction, transition or change.

Burdens may feel heavy, perseverance is key, success will be the child of effort."

Thank you Lady Anna and all the good people of Sedna Temple for making it possible to attend a Regional Lustration from anywhere on the planet Earth with the Online Regional Lustration!

What a wonderful Lustration season this has been. I hope that even if you could not attend in person, you were still able to enjoy Lustration through all of the pictures and videos!

Blessings to all!

Rev. Don Lewis

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