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Chancellor’s New Year’s Address

Greetings everyone,

As you know it has been my custom for the last decade or so to issue an
annual New Years Address, in which I discuss developments of the year
past and plans for the year coming. This year has been a very difficult
year for many of us around the world, and my heart goes out to all who
have faced hardship because of the world economy. Let us pray that the
New Year brings a renewed prosperity for us all!

I would like to begin by making several announcements. First, I am
pleased to announce the new Correllian social site: This site is created as part of the
Correllian Outer Court for all Correllian Tradition members and Friends
of Tradition to come together and share discussions, photos, video,
blogs, etc. The Correllian Tradition is a truly global tradition with
people of many ethnicities, languages and cultures –but we are also a
single, global family. Let us use this new site to increase our
communication with our siblings around the world and to strengthen the
bonds of love that connect us all!

If you have not already joined I hope that
you will do so now!

Secondly I would like announce the creation of a new Correllian
Membership Database! The new Database was created by a beloved Friend
of Tradition: MaryAnn Kaufmann. Over the years MaryAnn has done a great
deal to benefit our Tradition and its members, often in ways that
people have not seen or had the chance to appreciate.

I would like to take this occasion to bestow upon MaryAnn Kaufmann the
Chancellor’s Special Service Award in recognition not only of the new
database she has gifted us with, but also of all her kind efforts over
so many years. In addition I take this occasion to award MaryAnn
Kaufmann the status of Honorary High Priestess, an honor she now shares
with Rt. Rev. Pete Davis of the Aquarian Tabernacle, Rev. Angie
Buchanan of the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions, and
other distinguished leaders.

I would like to thank MaryAnn for all that she does to benefit others!
And I hope that you too will take this occasion to thank MaryAnn for
her many efforts in our behalf!

This year Rev. Ed Hubbard and I attended the Fifth Parliament of the
World’s Religions in Melbourne, Australia –and what an event it was!
You can learn more about our experiences at the Parliament through,, and where we have placed
various reports of the experience. I would like to take this
opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to the Correllian
Tradition in support of our mission to the Parliament! Thank you very
much –for without you we could not have done it! I would also like to
thank Rev. Mike Neal of the CNT Fundraising Office for his invaluable
efforts in this!

Ed and I got to meet many exciting new people at the Parliament as well
as seeing old friends. However for me the most important aspect of the
Parliament was the startling realization of just how unique our
Tradition is in many ways, and how modern our outlook. As I remarked
above, the Correllian Tradition is truly a global tradition embracing
people all over the Earth. Correllians come from many ethnicities and
cultures, and speak many languages, but we are united in our love for
Deity and each other, and by our shared teachings and activities! Until
this event I had not realized how truly remarkable that is.

Alone among the Wiccan Traditions we were able to present our
literature in 19 different languages! This was not due to our having
solicited translations from outside, but rather was a love offering
from our members who actually speak these languages. Thank you
translators! I cannot thank you enough –for you remind us that we are
one family of many languages, countries, and cultures!

In recognition of this I am extremely pleased to take this occasion to
announce the creation of a new group for the Order of Translators at, and hope that all members of the Order
will join and take advantage of the group, as well as people who are
interested in becoming active in translation of our Correllian
materials. The URL for this group is

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Rev. Raene Packery,
for her services as Head of the Correllian Order of Herbalism. Rev.
Raene stepped up to save the Order when it foundered after the Founding
Head stepped down and has worked hard to in this role for several years
now. In deference to the heavy load she bears running two Temples and
Witch School Africa, as well as being the mother of a two year old
child, Rev. Raene has asked to step aside as Head of the Herbal Order.
For all her efforts we are very grateful! Thank you Rev. Raene. Rev.
Raene will be succeeded as Head of Order by Rev. Olivia Watts.

Year 9 Aq. was the first year that the Correllian Lustration has been
held in Chicago, hosted by my own Holy City Temple. Lady Traci and I
would like to thank all who attended, and also to express our lasting
pleasure at one of the nicest and most emotionally fulfilling
Correllian Lustrations of recent years.

As you may already know the Spring Lustration for Year 10 Aq. is to be
held in Wisconsin, USA, and I am very much looking forward to it. This
Lustration is being hosted by Northern Lakes Temple, who I am sure will
be working closely with our Lustration Advisors Rev. Mike Neal of the
CNT Fundraising Office, Arch Priestess Traci Logan Wood, and High
Priestess Green Owl of Trianna Temple, to ensure the best Lustration
possible! The Spring Lustration for Year 11 Aq. is planned for Dallas,
Texas, and for Year 12 Aq. in Georgia.

The Fall Lustration from now on will be celebrated at the local Temple
level, with individual Temples free to hold their own Lustration. A
revised Lustration script will be made available soon, tailored to the
needs of Temple use. Those Temples with High Priesthood who can act as
Oracles will hopefully bring through numerous oracles that will be
collected and compiled for future reference. This compilation,
tentatively called the Chamber of Prophecy, should become available
this fall, after the Lustration has occurred. I believe that this
resource will prove to be of tremendous value in the future. I will
also be working Lady Krystel and Rev. Ed to determine which of our long
term Oracles are suitable to be included in the Chamber of Prophecy.

For me personally this New Year is one that brings many changes. One of
the things I regard as most important for me this year is a renewed
emphasis on the psychic arts. In recent years my duties as Tradition
Chancellor as well as Witch School Chancellor have taken a great deal
of attention, and my public practice of the psychic arts has been
rather curtailed. I am therefore happy to say that I will be starting a
Daily Tarot Blog at both and that will feature a daily Tarot reading. I
am quite excited about this, as it is some years since I last did a
regular predictive column of this sort. I will also be offering
individual psychic readings, using either Tarot or Clairvoyance, which
you can learn more about at

This concludes my annual New Year’s Address and I pray that the new
year will bring you and yours every happiness and renewed and redoubled

Blessings All!

Rev. Don Lewis
First Priest and Chancellor
Correllian Nativist Tradition

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