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China Grove North Carolina Summer Cruise in

China Grove in a small town near Salisbury in North Carolina. They have a population of around 4,200. "China Grove's name derives from a grove of chinaberry trees that was located next to the old train depot." as stated on their town page. I was pleasantly surprised at how clean this town was on top of the beauty!

China Grove has a great cruise-in during the summer on the third Saturday of every month from April through October from 14:00 until 18:00. This community event is called "Cruisin in the Grove" it's one of the few they have listed on their town page and is by far my favorite. This cruise-in is almost as amazing as the town's scenery itself.

This is one of those lovely laid back cruise ins like some of the others in mid North Carolina. There are so many lovely classic cars. You will definitely see plenty of the 'tri-fives' when it comes to the Chevy Bel Airs. This is what they call the 1955,1956, and 1957 Chevy Bel Airs because they are the most popular years when it comes to Bel Airs. These were some of the first cars I learned to tell apart from each other since they are almost always at every car show you attend. Give them a look and you will see the difference.

(1957 Chevy Bel Air)

We ate at the "China Grove Family House Restaurant". It was quite crowded due to the event, but I highly doubt it's a rarity for this place as the food was quite delicious. I plan on trying to visit the business again when there aren't so many people in town and see if they are like that all the time. I quite enjoyed my burger and fries and the service, despite the hustle and bustle, was actually pretty on point.

I would absolutely recommend "China Grove Family Restaurant" if you are looking for good home cooked meals or a quick burger dish. If you crave something different there are a few other places we asked about. I would suggest trying out "No Way Jose Mexican Restaurant" as well since a lot of people suggested it. It seems to have great reviews and is definitely on my list of places to try out.

One place I do wish I could have visited was the China Grove Old Roller Mill. I am pretty sure this is also a Museum or just a historical site protected by the Rowan County Museum. I am a sucker for museums. I plan on taking a trip again to check it out and make sure to do a review. The photo included is one I took while at the cruise-in.

All in all it's a great little town with some wonderful cruise-ins and eats!

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