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Civic responsibility or Civic Engagement - Who Cares?

Civic responsibility is frightening to many individuals: There are many excuses to ignore it, including lethargy, alienation, and lack of knowledge, (Ehrlich 2000, Ramaley 2000). It has become apparent in the academic literature that the lack of participation in the political process by those under the age of 50 is due to lack of education, particularly at the higher education level, (Ramaley 2000). This situation is present in the pagan community as well. There are approximately 1.3 million self-identified pagans in the United States (Pew Research Center 2014). The number of pagans is indeed a formidable group of people. In a conversation with Selena Fox, she stated that there is an opportunity for pagans, whether in or out of the closet to exercise their civic responsibility if they choose. Civic responsibility sounds like an imposition, which is something pagans tend not to enjoy; however, what about civic engagement?
Civic engagement is to be “engaged in an activity related to the community” (Gottlieb &Robinson 2002). How can pagans engage in public debate as a group or force, like other groups currently do, without jeopardizing their positions in the non-pagan world? One way is to show the potential for politicians to address the concerns of citizens that reflect pagan values. A new group has started an anonymous survey that is fully GDPR compliant, that asks for no personal information. The purpose is to gather 5000 participants before December 21, 2019, to encourage the US pagan population that they have a real voice. One that can be heard and to help shape the future policies of the USA. Take the survey. The survey is a grassroots survey that had 50 responses on the first day that it was active. Join and encourage other pagan brothers and sisters and yourself – Click here to take the survey.

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