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Cleansing and Recharging Spell.

You will need:
a quiet place outdoors
a glass of water
a small candle and lighter
bare-feet or sandals

stand in a comfortable quiet place outside. Try to think of all the
energy within your body, running through you like veins and arteries,
pulsing. Feel it coursing, in rhythm with your heartbeat. Know that you
have three types of energy; Positive warm energy, Neutral energy, and
slow cool negative energy. Negative energy pools inside of you and clogs
your energy flow. It feels like thick gooey mucus built up inside of
you, weighing you down.

Focus on drawing this mucus-like energy downward. Starting at the top of
your head feel all the energy pooling together. feel it gather at your
throat and pour down to you chest, drawing out of your arms and then
sliding down to your stomach, then into your abdomen and down each leg
to your feet. Feel how suddenly your upper body and torso feel light,
clean... and devoid of heavy energy. Feel the energy pour out of the
soles of your feet and into the earth. Think of the soil as a filter, it
will clean and neutralize the energy so it can be re-purposed.

Your body is now free of that negative energy; but it now has a great
energy void, waiting to be filled. Luckily nature is filled with
positively charges energy at your disposal! turn towards the breeze (or
east if there is no breeze) and take in three deep, full breaths. Feel
the creative force of the wind flowing into you, charged with buzzing
yellow energy. next light your candle and focus into the flame for a
moment. Feel as though the candlelight has lit a hot, powerful, flame
within your chest, igniting your strength and passion. Pick up your
glass of water and slowly drink it. Feel its cool, blue, refreshing
energy flowing into your body, cleansing and purifying you. Next, feel
roots growing from the bottom of your feet, tunneling into the soul and
entangling themselves into the rocks below. Feel the solid, stable,
healing energy flowing into your roots and up into your body. Feel how
it gives you strength and security. feel your body is now FULL, buzzing
and pulsing with strong, bright, positive energy. Feel how it now flows
freely and fluidly throughout your body, with no blockages! feel your
roots draw back up into your body, so you are free to move. pour out any
remaining water into the soil. Blow out your candle if it is still lit,
take a last deep breath of the wind, and you may go inside...

You are cleansed and Refreshed. Do this as often as you need, or daily
until you feel that you are storing positive energy throughout the day
and night.

I hope this helps!

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