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CNT Lustration of the Living 2010 Silent Auctiuon Now Open for Bidding

CNT Lustration of the Living 2010 Silent Auctiuon Now Open for Bidding

Greetings Fellow Correllians,

I am pleased to announce that the 2010 Lustration of the Living Silent Auction is now available for bidding. As for previous auctions, all item have been donated by our fellow Correllians and friends of the Correllian Tradition. Bidding via the internet / emails will be available through September 2nd. with the auction concluding on Saturday September 4th. at the Sacred Sea Temple Regional Lustration where winning bids will be announced. All proceeds go 100% to the Correllian Tradition to help support our leadership and related expenses to continue the Traditions growth. So I encourage everyone to bid high and bid often as this is for a most excellent cause.

Follow this link to see all items available, as well as instructions for submitting bids.

If you are able, come and see them in person and attend a weekend Celebrating Correllianism. Lord Don will be there - a great opportunity for those in the southeast region to meet him and others from the surrounding states. You can still register to attend the Sacred Sea Temple Regional Lustration being held in Powder Springs, GA

Lastly, if auctions aren't your thing, consider sending a donation to support CNT, or become a monthly supporter at the Giver's Zone.

You have been very generous in bidding for items, in past auctions, for which we are grateful.

So Let The Bidding Begin!!

Blessings, Rev. Mike
CNT Fundraising Office

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