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With all of this negative and toxic energy in the world right now due to politics, hate crimes, prejudice etc. I like to take back some of that control that allowed others to take from me, by connecting to the magickal energies of the cosmos and the earth all around me. For we have always had that control. We can control how much we will allow to build us up and to tear us down. When we take back that control, we let the magick back into our life's and home every day and puts us in a position to sit back and reflect, analyze, be appreciative, grateful, contemplate and plan things in our life's that needs immediate attention. Depending on our out look on life, our attitude towards it and the people within it, it will help us dictate how we find the simpler, deeper meaningful moments and things within it and help us to appreciate it more. Never let anyone or anything detour you away from having peace in your heart and mind. Do something positive for yourself that will help you achieve a sense of balance in your mind, body and Spirit. Whether it be a nice meal, ice cream, a walk, candles lit, incense burning and quiet time with the spiritual divine, hanging out with friends that brings out the best in you. Taking time to meditate is something that is very beneficial and a lot of people do not do that because they do not take the time to do it because life gets in the way. Taking time to nurture yourself can be a lovely way to open yourself to what the Divine wants you to feel. When is the last time you observed a beautiful sunrise and sunset? Or witness the beauty of a full moon? Or the beautiful Stars that lay upon the black velvet sky? When i witness the beauty of one of these amazing things, i open myself to the magickal Energies of it. That it may bring good health, love and abundance to my home and to the people i care about. To feel the Divine's presence makes me appreciate that i am alive and be grateful for what i have.

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