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Greetings all,

I am asking all of our Correllian people who are willing to do so, as well as all people of good will, to join in a Peace Prayer ritual during the upcoming Solar Eclipse, on Monday August 21, 2017.

The goal of the ritual is to focus the power of the Eclipse in a positive direction, and use it to promote the energies of Peace and Justice. Although the Eclipse is primarily affecting North America, I am asking all members of the Tradition to join in the ritual. However, those who are in the direct path of the Eclipse will be dealing with the strongest energy.


If you are in the path of the eclipse, then ideally this should be done at or near the height of the eclipse. This will be the strongest regenerative energy. This will occur at different times in different areas, but you find out the time for your area easily by consulting any of numerous guides online. However, if this timing is not possible for you, any time during the Umbra of the Eclipse is still good.

If you are not actually in the path of the eclipse, or if circumstances prevent you from performing the ritual during the desired period, then any time in the afternoon can be used. While doing the ritual at the above times will produce the strongest effect, all energy gathered will be helpful.

The Mother Temple will be conducting a final focusing ritual at midnight EST on Monday, to ensure that all of the energy is focused within the Crystal Web, and any energy added up till that time will be good.

In all cases take a moment before enacting the ritual to clear and release all excess energy as well as any tensions or anxieties of your day, by letting these drain out of you like water running down through your arms and your legs and out through your hands and your feet.

1) The simplest form of the ritual is one that anyone can do, even if they have no background in energy work. In its most basic form, all you need to do is concentrate on the Peace Sigil and perform the Peace Prayer: “I pray for Peace. I pray for Love. I pray for stability. I pray for the country where I live. I pray for the world.” The Peace Sigil was created specifically to synchronize and direct energy, and will do this automatically if you focus on it.

2) If you are familiar with energy work, there is more that you can do: Begin by opening your Heart Chakra and focusing on Peace and justice. Call down the energy of the eclipse through your Crown Chakra and focus it through your Heart Chakra and into the Peace Sigil. As you are focusing the energy through your Heart Chakra, perform the Peace Prayer. Again, the Peace Sigil will act to synch your energy into the wider working and into the Crystal Web.

3) Finally, if you have a Crystal Web Access Point, use it to input the energy directly into the Crystal Web. Imagine strongly your buried Crystal Access Point and focus energy from your heart into the Crystal Access Point so that the energy construct changes from a cube to a tetrahedron -once the energy construct has assumed the tetrahedron form it is ready to receive energy. Simply proceed as above: Open your Heart Chakra and focus on Peace and justice. Call down the energy of the eclipse through your Crown Chakra and focus it through your Heart Chakra and into the Peace Sigil and thence into you Crystal Access Point. As you are focusing the energy through your Heart Chakra and into the Crystal Access Point, perform the Peace Prayer. Continue this focus as long as you desire, then allow the image to fade -your Crystal Access Point will close on its own.

Remember to clear and release again when you have finished.

We hope that you will join us for this ritual and help to focus the energy of the very special moment in a positive direction!

The Correllian Tradition has a long history of doing magic in conjunction with eclipses. To us the eclipse represents Rebirth and Regeneration: the return of the light after darkness. As a rule, the magic we do during eclipses is primarily focused on helping to shape the energy of the dawning Age in a positive direction, in keeping with our expressed ideals, as well as regenerating these energies within ourselves. In the years since our last global Eclipse Ritual we have established the Peace Prayer campaign, which addresses these same goals on a constant basis. The ritual I am asking you to take part in unites these two directly, using the Peace Prayer to focus the powerful Eclipse energy.

The Crystal Web will be used to disseminate the energies raised in the ritual. If you have a Crystal Access Point please use it. If you do not have a Crystal Access Point but desire to establish one before the Eclipse, you will find instructions on how to do this at:

Please remember that when we pray for Peace, we are not merely praying for an absence of conflict, but for a just world where no one need fear simply because of who they are. There can be no Peace without Justice. In seeking Peace in this manner our attitude is not one of expecting a sudden, perfect result but rather an attitude of “the more we strengthen the energies of Peace and justice the better.” Certainly, the world can always use more Peace and justice.

The Correllian Tradition strongly supports Religious Equality, Racial Equality, Gender Equality, LGBT Equality, and Class Equality. We regard that there can be no Peace in the absence of any of these. Conflict may not be present, but if these equalities are not present neither is true Peace. So, when we speak of praying for Peace, it must also be understood that we are praying for a world where people are treated according to who they are and not simply what group they were born to. No one should have to live in fear simply because of who they were born.

Thank you for joining us and may you be Blessed!

Rev. Don

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