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Correllian Soul Retrieval
by Rev. Don Lewis

Soul Retrieval is an important technique of deep healing.

The idea behind Soul Retrieval is that parts of our soul become caught or "lost" because of strong emotions or traumatic experiences, and must be "retrieved" in order for us to be whole again.
A better way to explain this is that when we go through a traumatic experience a part of our consciousness becomes fixated upon it and cannot move forward until it is dealt with -- that part of our energy is "blocked," it's natural flow interrupted, and it's growth halted.

This is the same thing that happens to spirits who are caught Between the Worlds, and unable to cross to the Otherworld -- except on a smaller scale. An energetic attachment has been formed to an experience, which becomes a blockage because it is unresolved. Part of the self is "lost" because that part, attached to the past trauma, is unable to move forward. Because it is caught in a past trauma, it cannot be in the now.

Everyone has blockages of this nature -- some more than others. Some people are so blocked in this way that very little of their consciousness is able to be in the present.

That these blockages form is a natural result of our experiences in the physical world, but we must make an effort to heal them and to free ourselves from their effects.

The technique of Soul Retrieval is a very powerful way to free the blocked parts of the soul.

Soul Retrieval can be used to heal blockages caused by events, and also emotions whose exact causes you may not know. It can even be used to heal outmoded beliefs. The process is simple enough.

You will need to be in a comfortable position. Clear and release (excess energy) before you begin, and again when you finish.

Imagine a ball of clear white light in your Heart Chakra. See this light as clear and strong and beautiful, filled with peace and love. This is the light of Spirit -- the Goddess.

Let the white light expand outward from your Heart Chakra, filling your chest, expanding through your shoulders and abdomen, down into your arms and legs, and up into your head -- so that you are filled with the white light of the Goddess.

Let the light move within you. Feel it's strength and peace.

Imagine the light expanding beyond your body, so that it surrounds as well as fills you. See the light form a circle around you, so that you are within a ball of white light. Imagine yourself floating weightless within the ball, supported gently by the light.

Imagine the ball of light rising up, carrying your consciousness with it, but leaving your body behind.

Float up through the ceiling, through the roof, and out into the sky. Imagine yourself floating among the clouds, gently buoyed by the light.

Let your soul float. Imagine yourself gently carried, as if by the hand of Spirit. Imagine yourself floating through the atmosphere, out into the darkness (of) space. See the stars shining around you, as you float, farther and farther out.

At length, you come to rest. Before you, you see the Goddess Herself.

Have no preconceptions as to Her appearance, but let Her reveal Herself to you in whatever manner is best.

Give greetings to the Goddess, and listen to see if She answers you. She may or may not.

Tell the Goddess that you are here for healing.

Take a moment and think about what it is that you wish to have healed. This can be one thing or several. It can be the effects of a specific event, or it can be an emotion, belief, or behaviour that you wish to heal.

Now that you have made clear what you wish the Goddess to heal, think about all the things that are attached to it -- the feelings, fears, beliefs, perceived limitations, everything that is connected to what is to be healed. Tell these too to the Goddess.

Do your best but don't worry about whether you have thought of everything -- your Higher Self will put in your mind the things that need to be addressed at this time.

Ask the Goddess to give you healing for all of these things.

Imagine a shower of golden light coming down upon you from above, entering through the top of your head and washing through you. Let it continue as long as it needs to.

Tell yourself; "I allow this healing, I invite this healing, I welcome this healing."

When the shower of golden light has finished, you are ready to continue.

It is not enough to receive the healing. You must also accept the healing.

Ask the Goddess to help you to have the acceptance of the healing.

Imagine the acceptance washing through you like a wave of energy, entering through the top of your head and passing through you. This is the power of the Goddess helping you to fully accept the healing.

And finally, you must integrate the healing and the acceptance into your being.

Ask the Goddess to help you make this integration.

Imagine the integration pouring into your Heart Chakra like water pouring into a drain. Let this process continue as long as is necessary.

You have now had your healing, but you are not done.

Imagine all of the burdens you have carried because of that which has been healed. Imagine these burdens as packages,(luggage,) logs, or bricks -- or in any other form that will symbolize burden for you. Imagine taking these burdens out of your body and laying them before the Goddess. Dig as deeply as possible, and rid yourself of as many burdens as you can. You may find that there are more burdens appearing before the Goddess than you are aware of placing there -- these are burdens that connected to these things but of which you have no conscious knowledge.

Ask the Goddess to take the burdens from you. Imagine the burdens glowing with purple light, becoming engulfed with the purple light, then disappearing. Sometimes this will appear as purple flame.

Thank the Goddess.

Now you must make forgiveness. This can be the most difficult part of the ceremony, but it is the most important -- this is you releasing what has held you back.

Begin by making a formal forgiving of every person who has anything whatsoever to do with what has been healed -- forgive them one at a time, and then forgive any others who do not come to mind, or whom you are not conscious of. Now forgive all of the circumstances and situations that pertain to what has been healed. Forgive also any actions of your own that have contributed in any way to any blockage you may have carried.

By making forgiveness you are releasing any anger or fear that you may have carried, and opening the blockages that come from these.

Do not forget to forgive YOURSELF. Often it is ourselves whom we have blamed most and been most angry at.

And finally,forgive DEITY. Forgive Deity in ALL of Deity's many forms, for any anger which you have harbored against Her.

Ask the Goddess to help you make these forgivenesses as deep and complete as possible.

Ask the Goddess to return to you the parts of yourself that have been lost because of these issues. Trauma, pain, anger -- these cause us to cut ourselves off from parts of our self, to "block" our own energy.

Imagine Goddess returning these lost parts of yourself to you. See them as glowing shapes of light, that come into your body, and return to their proper places.

Ask the Goddess to give you healing of these lost parts of yourself -- imagine a golden light again raining down on you, passing through you, healing the lost parts.

Ask the Goddess to help you have the acceptance of the healing of the lost parts of yourself -- imagine a wave of energy passing through you, helping you to accept.

And finally, ask the Goddess to help you have the integration of the healing of the lost parts of yourself. Imagine the integration draining into your Heart Chakra.

Now thank the Goddess.

Finally, ask the Goddess if She has anything further to tell you. She may or may not choose to tell you something more at this time. If She does, the message may come in words, or She may show you a message in symbols. However She responds, thank Her.

Return to your body. Settle back into yourself, and into the here and now. Cleanse and release all excess energy. You have completed your Soul Retrieval.

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Comment by Merry C. Carey on November 2, 2015 at 10:49pm

This has been in scrambled form in the library for some time, but I think it should be in straightforward readable form so people can use it, if they will. So here it is.

Comment by Rev. Shemandoah on January 19, 2017 at 4:41pm

Thank you for posting this. I have Sandra Ingram's book on Soul Retrieval somewhere buried in my library, but I haven't read it in so long. This is another version and good refresher. I shall try this some time. Wish I could share this to my feed!


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