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Do you have a pressing question? Find an answer now – why delay?!
I am an experienced diviner and have done hundreds of readings for private clients and at Holistic Fayres. I find answers to your questions by reading the Tarot, Runes, Crystal cards or Angel Cards. I might also incorporate Numerology in the reading.
Send your question (only one please!) to Please note that the question and answer will be published in the magazine, so if you don’t want your name mentioned, just end your email as “Anonymous” when you send me your question.
Susan Wheeler

Free Monthly Tarot Reading Offer

Rev. John (Ing) Snodgrass, HP
Tarot Reader, 25 plus years experience

I know that for many of you monthly readers of our magazine here may not always get the opportunity to physically sit down with someone who is skilled in the art of reading the cards, or perhaps afford to pay for expensive regular monthly readings, so what I would like to do is provide you with a free monthly reading...a little guidance as it were, and an easy and convenient access to much needed information for the coming month.

What I am offering to you is a free basic 3 Card - Tarot Card Reading which can help guide you through periods when your emotions have become troubled and clouded thoughts are all you have. I wish to be of service to you by offering this free reflection of your past, present and possible future and thus offer to you a short fresh perspective on your life, and its many problems.

For your free reading just email me at: with your 1 question for the up coming month ... I will post both the cards and their answer for you... At no time will names be used or email addresses posted... I will require you to email me your zip code (or a 5 number code) and a 3 alphabetic letter combination of your choice...these I will use as the title for your printed reply so that you can find your personal reading in totally anonymity... as I will remove the email from my files as soon as your reading is done and thus no further emailed comments will be forth coming from me...

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