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Crystal Allies Oracle Card Reading for Today

Today's oracle card reading was a lil longer than my normal readings but an intense one that I wanted to share and get your thoughts on. 

Will - Malachite
Initiation - Phenacite
Spontaneity - Calcite

My first impression "By the Winds of Change I Will Spontaneous Initiation."
With Calcite in my right pocket and Bloodstone in my left, I began my research.

Wind is a reminder to listen to the voice of Spirit.
Open yourself to guidance from Higher Self, Gods, Angels, Spirit Guides, etc.
Malachite mantra "I am in Balance with the Universe and its Will."
Take a good look at how you are using your will today. Is your will aligned with the Divine, wanting to manifest only what is best for your highest good?
The Universe will guide you to resolution for your highest good.
I get the feeling this card is more for True Will, Life Purpose

Phenacite mantra "I dedicate myself to the path of the spiritual initiate."
Its appearance is to tell of an initiatory experience soon to follow.
You will be tested and asked to sacrifice those things that are keeping you from moving forward (remembering that I pulled Aventurine yesterday and it said something similar about moving on from things that no longer serve me to grow)
This is a time of awakening. Take responsibility and acknowledge your own power to create the life you were destined for (see Malachite for True Will and Purpose)

Calcite mantra "I create each moment as an expression of my deepest joy."
How long since you sang your own song to the Universe?
By tapping into the source of true beauty and power in your life, you experience moments of true creation.
Affirm your capacity as creator of your life by experiencing it moment to moment.

So all the cards have to do with creating my own life in balance with the Will of the Universe/God.
"I am a co-creator of my own universe. I create my reality in alignment with my true will and the will of the Mother, for I am Her daughter, whom She loves. ." This is my mantra for today.

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Comment by Shanti Clarity on November 25, 2013 at 5:52pm

Thank you I found this helpful.


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