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Crystal Web Ritual of Attunement

Saturday, March 6 at 3 PM

It has been announced that the recent Earthquake in Chile affected the gravitation of the Earth. The rotation of the Earth was increased by 1.26 microseconds, shortening the day by that amount and shortening the year by approximately ½ second. The figure axis of the Earth, that is its gravitational axis as opposed to its the north/south axis, was moved it by three inches.

Now it must be pointed out that this is not a unique event. Any earthquake of sufficient magnitude will have a similar effect. The Indonesian Earthquake of Year 4 Aquarius had a similar effect. Nonetheless we regard this as being part of the ongoing physical process of the Turning of the Age.

The Turning of the Age precedes the actual beginning of the age by approximately one century, and continues into the new Age by approximately one century, as the energies settle themselves. When the Arien Age gave way to the Piscean Age we saw similarly increased seismic activity, then centered in the Mediterranean where the greatest changes accompanied the coming of the new Age.

Now for many years we have been working to attune ourselves to the energies of the New Age so that we may better move in synch with it, and thus with the universe as a whole. We have also sought to help guide the energies of the New Age into the most beneficial paths, much as we work each year for good harvests and prosperity through the cycle of the Sabbats. This not about forcing the opening Age into a pattern so much as working to emphasize the qualities we hope to see from its pattern -and attuning ourselves to that pattern so that the necessary changes it brings do not impact us in overly disruptive or traumatic ways.

Therefore we are asking those who have Crystal Web Access Points to join us in a ritual attunement this Saturday, March 6, at 3 PM in your own time zone. The ritual will unfold around the planet sequentially from the first time zone to the last. If you are unable to join the ritual exactly at 3 PM, then perform it as soon after as possible –the energy will still join the wave. But if possible, try to do your ritual at 3 PM.

If you do not already have a Crystal Access Point you can find instructions for establishing one at

Thank you and Blessings all!

Rev. Don Lewis
First Priest and Chancellor

Correllian Nativist Tradition

The Ritual

Begin by clearing and releasing –as you should before any magical working. Allow all tension, all anxiety, all excess energy flow out of your body and back to Mother Earth who will transmute it and use it in other ways.

Now connect with your Crystal Access Point. If you have a Remote Access Point you can use that as your focus point.

Imagine the buried crystal in the Crystal Access Point within its cube of white light. Imagine the cube of light spinning clockwise. This is the normal state of the Crystal Access Point.

Focus a beam of energy from your heart into the cube. Let the cube and the crystal within absorb as much of this energy as possible. When the Access Point has received enough energy the cube will change into a triangle, still spinning clockwise. The Crystal Access Point is now open.

Now, visualize the following sigil as clearly as possible, about a foot above your head. The sigil is an Ankh –roughly speaking a circle above a T- with the double wave of Aquarius within the circle part of the Ankh.

Imagine the sigil as clearly as possible and focus on the idea of attuning to the energies of the changing Age –imagine yourself coming into perfect alignment with what the Universe is doing as the Aquarian Age moves forward. You may wish to make an affirmation to the affect that you are aligning yourself to the energies of the New Age and the purposes of Goddess and God.

Now move the sigil from above your head down through your Crown Chakra, and then into your Heart Chakra. You may feel a great deal of energy come with it –this is good.

Now again imagine a beam of light from your Heart Chakra to your Crystal Access Point. Imagine the sigil moving through the beam of light from your heart and into your Crystal Access Point.

Imagine the sigil within the spinning triangle. Imagine the image as clearly as possible, and as you do so think the positive qualities you hope to see as the New Age unfolds: peace, prosperity, open-mindedness, scientific and medical advances, political freedom, etc… Feel free to think of positive things you hope to see the unfolding of the Age manifest in your personal life as well.

Hold this image for as long as the Crystal Access Point is willing to accept more energy. Then stop the beam of light and allow the image of the Crystal Access Point to fade from your mind –it will close automatically on its own.

Once again, clear and release all excess energy. This is especially important as you may be holding mor energy after this ritual than you will realize, so be careful to release all excess. Find out what tomorrow holds today! Learn about magic and spirituality! Join the global Correllian Family! Sign up today! Invite your friends!

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