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Monday February 21

Here is our reading for today:

Six of Rods
Four of Rods
Page of Rods

Today we have an interesting reading, in that all three of the cards are from the suit of Rods. This suggests that we will be dealing with long term plans, goals, and ambitions today. Our first card today is the Six of Rods, a card of success and achieving something we have desired or worked for. Next is the Four of Rods, a card that indicates achieving something we have desired and worked for. Finally we have the Page of Rods, indicating a situation that has great potential, but is not yet ready to take off. Taken together these three cards suggest that we are in a position of receiving the success we have worked for, even though it has not yet come to its fullest fruition.
A good stone for today might be Carnelian, a stone that strengthens goals and will power.

Today is the birthday of author Trish Telesco. Trish Telesco is the author of numerous books on Wicca and metaphysics including “An Enchanted Life,” “Advanced Wicca,” “365 Goddess,” “Brother Wind, Sister Rain,” “A Floral Grimoire” and many more! You can learn more about Trish Telesco at!

Daily Question: Yesterday we asked: In Hungarian mythology, what is an Ordog?

Answer: An Ordog (Urdung in Old Hungarian) is a creature from Hungarian mythology, which personifies the dark aspects of the world. He dwells in the underworld and constantly stirs a cauldron of souls. If he wants to wander the human world he will often take the form of a fox, a dark flame, or a Hungarian shepherd with dark, sparkling eyes. He enjoys making bets with humans to see if he can corrupt them. In some stories, he is the creator of everything that is bad for humans: for example, annoying animals (such as fleas, lice, and flies). He was later identified as the Christian Satan.

New Question: In Greek mythology, who are the Oneiroi? [Thank you to Anavrin and Amanda Bright for the Daily Question]

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