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Dancing the Night Away in the Gryphon’s Nest!


Dancing is a primal part of the natural human experience. For Pagans , the dance is a sacrament.  At the Coven of Gryphon’s Spring Gathering they did not disappoint.  The Gryphon’s Nest Campground has a dedicated stage which has a fire pit in front, surrounded by some of the softest sand, free of rocks or stones.   They brought on the band Spiral Rhythm, and after a masterful ritual, they began to play.  As the music began, we were all given quite a show of a trio of belly dancers of the local community, and they were masterful. Upon completion they pulled the audience in the circle and the dancing began.

Now the dancing began with a simple circle dance with the song “We are Circle” and then moved into “We Come from the Goddess”, two strong classics. This gets the crowd going, and pulls in the most adventuresome of the crowd.  Dee, Chelsea, Matthew, Zabby, Harvey, David, Tony , Wendy,  and many more of the attendees joined the band in celebrating the night and simply the joy of being with friends.  Add the drummers, and you have the heartbeat of the Pagan adventure. This was the backdrop to the music, the sound, and the rhythm of our Mother Goddess.

Before you ask, we were not naked in the moonlight, and in fact, we were well dressed group, with many in colorful sarongs, Isis wings, and flowing clothing. It conjured the image of fairies weaving a pattern of a spell. For me, I loved the dance, being part of it in bare feet, feeling the music ride through my body. It would probably surprise most of my readers to know, but once upon a time I was a dedicated fire dancer. Over the last decade, I have become more ‘professional’ and sought to be more of a role model, so I do not put myself out there in a personal way.  After all, I am a little too old to be joining the youth, and should be more reserved. After Saturday, I saw how wrong I was, and the Tinman fell. That is the power of the dance, to awaken the inner self to live and yes, enjoy life.

So why do we dance? As I follow this journey of my heart. I found a answer that has nothing to do with the feeling of falling into a moving trance like ancient Dervishes. Nor is it about performance, or art. It includes this but the answer is even simpler. It made me feel alive in a way I have not had for a long time. It made me feel like I was part of a circle, a circle that cares nothing for status, for what I knew, or who I was. I was simply a human having a sacred experience with friends having the same. That is why Pagans dance, and why we love to dance in the moonlight around the fire.  So if I am at a festival and there is a bonfire and drumming circle, you know where I will be, dancing the night away.

Blessings and may your journey be bright,

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