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I often see money post at Facebook as well as hearing from a Christian Pastors and Tele evangelist that God will bless the people with Financial Wealth.

But do really God bless us with Money? If that is so why there are preachers who ask money from their members in order to support the works of God? There are street preachers collecting money from people who does not belong to their sect/denomination and even on public utility buses.

Why is that so? Do God need money to sustain his earthly ministry?


As a Pagan, I believe that all things that we as human needs already have been provided by God.

And only money is the exemption from God's provision.

Money is the creation of man and not of God.

So as human we can create our own money. What God given us is the skills and talents in order to have money.

When someone ask me to pray for him or her for money, I will not pray to that person to have money but instead I will pray that person to utilize his/her God given gifts/talent so that s/he can create his/her own money.

I will pray for that person to have a healthy body, sound mind and a good heart so that s/he may use it to have a prosperous life.

Life itself is the very precious gift that God has given us. So we must take care of our life as well as letting others to live their life to the fullest.

Live and let live. Fairly take and fairly give.

It is good to eat from the food you have labored with and not from the food given to you without paying a drop of sweat on it.

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