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Ok so with in the last week I had therapy and we talked about a lot of things, but it was mostly about the stress of 5 other people living with me. After therapy my husband had the idea of typing up a letter and putting it in an envelope with a stamp and of course our landlords and ours address on it putting it in the mail like she typed it and sent it to us. I typed it up and sent it out and it came back to us. The whole point in doing this is that we ran out of options to get them going on finding their own places to live so we could have our home back. Well when we got home I read it out loud to those who were near me and now everyone is on the ball about doing their stuff. The same day our neighbor called the police because of my dog messes in the yard, the dogs barking during the day, my roommates stuff on the back on front porches. They gave us 10 days to get this stuff done including the issue with the dogs barking ( how I am going to train them in 10 days I have no clue ). So after the 10 days they are going to come back and do a follow up. I am upset that my neighbor didn't come talk to us about my dogs barking before he called the police, but I guess that's the way it goes sometimes. Let me just mention that he hasn't been nice since we moved in on june 1st of last year. He yelled at one of my roommates to " get the dog shit cleaned up " so her dad said he would and did and low and behold the guy called the police 2 hours after we got the dog mess cleaned up. So needless to say my husband and I have 6 violations that need to be fixed within 10 days or we get 6 different tickets if its not. Granted like I said I am upset that he never once talked to us about my dogs barking ( even though its the day time ), on the other hand it makes my roommates get their stuff they are not using that's outside out of here that I asked them to do months ago when my landlord complained about. I am looking as all of this is a God send because without me typing up that letter and the cops being called they wouldn't be on the ball to getting it rolling to get their owns places to live, is that so wrong? Does it make it right?

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Comment by Dr Edie on March 20, 2011 at 2:37pm
oh my you have a full plate!!! I think the letter was a brilliant idea!!! sometimes in life we have to do what we have to do in order to get our lives back--as far a your neighbor--he sounds like a very angry man--why? who knows but him--I know this--treat him with love and kindness--pray for him as he needs peace in his heart-when he understands that calling the police or being hateful to you doesn't work then he will change his method of dealing with you--now that can go one of 2 ways--either he will be more hateful or kinder---but in my 60 years I have found what my grandmother said was true--"you win more people with sugar than with vinegar". Anyway--I am sending smoke your way little one--love Doc


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