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What does every one think about the mystical creatures of dragons and how they really think about us. I just want to know how people feel about it so I know the way to go to write my blogs for the Temple of Draconic. I hope to hear from everyone who is interest in the area of the dragons and it Magick.

Because I need to know the way I will teach this area if you have knowledge in this area don't be shy to get hold of me.

Thank you for your time everybody,

Mike Davis

Scamp Drakefin (Craft Name)

I been in the craft since 1988 that made me a freshmen in high school that over 27 years in practicing all type of Magick.

Thank again

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Comment by Jul (just Jul) on November 14, 2014 at 1:19pm

For me, dragons are a great source of folkloric amusement, but are not anything more than archetypal creations that we tap into, influenced largely by our cultural and religious biases. So for me, they don't have any thoughts about us any more than something like my toaster thinks about me.

When it comes to the over-crowded blog-o-sphere, one thing that oftentimes is missing is personal experiences. It's great to have a list of all the different types of dragons in the world or correspondences that someone's cribbed from another book, or all sorts of hokey fantasy artwork, but where's the *personal* experiences? Where's the "I met a dragon, and this is what s/he told me." or "I tried this to see a dragon, and here's what happened."

Another item that would be interesting to see is that most people who practice some sort of dragon-based Craft graft it on to some existing religion or religious structure. It would be interesting to see ideas about why you chose one path to graft it on instead of something else, and what the similarities and differences are between the way you practice it and the "standard" forms out there. Is it just McWicca with scales and wings or is there something more to it?

Those are the kind of things that I would find interesting in a blog -- personal experiences and personality. Show, don't tell.

Comment by Linda Deisenroth on November 25, 2014 at 7:15am

Would like to do more with dragons. They are great! I once conducted a ritual based enirely with dragons. Raised a lot of energy. More please. Rituals, spells. Recipies too.

Comment by Melissa Story on November 30, 2014 at 3:14pm

I would like to see more about Dragons. I know there is energy involved with this. Curious due to an attraction with these mythological beasts. Any information, rituals, spells, etc would be interesting.

Comment by Apu Adman Aghama on December 11, 2014 at 5:32am


They said that Dragons are not real. But wait, Where do the idea of Dragons came about?

I am also a fellow Draconian. And my search for answer to the existence of Dragons was answered by a Dragon Friend in the Dragon World.

An Old Lady Dragon that looks like an Old Lady School Principal answered my Question and she says: " YES to the Physical realms we are not real. We are the creatures out of Human Imagination. But in our World we are Real. And Sad to say in your world we are not. But come to think of this, all things in your world comes first into our world. The Mystical and magickal World of Fantasy and Imagination. Before there were no Computers, but out of imagination of man, man learn to count. Before there were no known language and vocabulary but by the desire to express one self now there is. Reality is what you believe in. Your reality can be imagination. and Imagination can be Reality. Its up to you what you want to believe in. It doesnt matter if you believe in the Dragons or not. But we in this other world of your believe in You."

Comment by Lord Taliesin Drakefin on July 25, 2015 at 4:27am

I will started build the history up right now with where the Dragons origins. I will look those up in the next week and put on what I know. The first dragons was know a the dinosaurs of the ancient past, but there is more to that their origins was way before that before the earth was creature they where is that astral plane at that time and age and so were we as young spirits.

Lord Scamp Erik Drakefin

Comment by Lord Taliesin Drakefin on September 10, 2015 at 6:01pm

First on my writing will be about Airsten the Elemental Air Dragon. It will have the ritual the seals of the Invocations, Conjurations, Evocations, Summoning, Incantations, Blessings, Charm, Talismans, Amulets, and Poetic Chants.

Thank you,

Lord Scamp Erik Drakefin

Comment by Lord Taliesin Drakefin on February 17, 2016 at 1:52am


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