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so i have had this dream on multiple occasions since i moved two years ago

I am In My Old Bedroom laying by the door (then i remember something from the previous dream like this) there is a big whole in the wood working hidden by my carpet but i dont really remember where so i sit there for a while and while wondering where this whole is in my subconsious dream realm my consious ( i am not completely asleep by now) is trying to figure out what this dream means. its strange to my how my consious self and sub consiuos self intersct while i dream

but i figure either i am mentally unfitt or am subconsiuos about the way i look that maybe i feel like i look nice on the outside but on the inside maybe i am scared or insecure about my being or the way i look and act

I Know From this moving somewhere new i was afriad no one would enjoy my comany because i had had the same friends my entire life and now my friends are changing making new ones loosing old ones im concerning school over socail and boyfriend over some friends (bad i know but i made plans with him before them so) then i am going to possibly sing at regionals for my school and i wanna look all tough on the outside when i do it but im still nervous as anyother 15 year old girl

i dont know it could also be telling me to get into shape i have two very expensive trips coming up where i have to be in shape, i have to be in shape so i dont fall down the rockies snow boarding nd i have to be in shape so i can fit into my swim suite for florida but i have no clue it could mean so many things

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Comment by fantumofthewinds on January 31, 2011 at 7:20am
your dream only gave one symbol the hole , and this can and does have many meanings , perhaps something is missing in your life, or perhaps you fill empty,and since you have dreamed this on other occasions the need has not been filled. sometimes this is seen as a pit, its time to reach for a healther you, and the time is now, other wise health problems are around the corner, and these will be hard to climb out of. without our health we have nothing. life change. The pit could also be telling you not to risk it. and since this is re-occuring , better get into action, we will only be warned so many times, its time for a healther you ! follow your intuition BB
Comment by Mirror on January 31, 2011 at 12:02pm
Fantumofthewinds give you real word, because that dream give you more detail , but if you in dream see fertile wood then You have a surplus of adventurous spirit. Any other detail can be 1. green - Honor and friendship, and not reason to doubt, any more but i study your dream and dont need to worry some luck friendship and anything about sweet and happy luck your dream show you what is next in your life . Not good when is dream ; you cut wood - this is very bad unluck, Unpleasantness. But youre On the right path and you will succeed. Dont worry This is good dream.... Friendship is O.K not need to worry, you dont lose someone who is very closer to you, youre in contact with that person but like mobile phone or internet , no please dont worry . Once and I have that dream in past and everything is O.K who go he/she fast return to you ! ;-)


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