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I walked Green Lake in Seattle today, and saw my first baby ducks. I was very happy and loudly said "Baby Ducks!" which clearly shows that my Soul retrieval took since one of the parts to return was my enthusiastic inner child. My next comment was, "We need more ducks." Wasn't sure where that came from, I just loved those little ducks.

As a totem or power animal, Duck represents living in the moment, a focus on relationship and family, and a mystical quality of moving between the realms by being able to travel in air and water, and on land

This week, I found myself thinking about themes of rebirth because Tuesday was the Pagan holiday of Beltane - a festival day celebrating growth and new beginnings.

This is one of the two times in the Pagan calendar – the other being Samhain, or Halloween in popular culture – when we believe the veil is thin between the worlds, and good times for divination and devotion and connecting with the Ancestors.

It's easy to see why Beltane is about rebirth – the sun is strengthening, the woods and fields are greening, and the energy is all about fertility and growth. There are many rites of passage that create a form of rebirth – initiations of all kinds provide a fresh start. Many spiritual disciplines have three levels, some more – and each level is complete with an initiation, which introduces us to the cosmos as a changed being. Changed, but not new.

Each new beginning, we are building on what we have learned in the passage before.

Our experiences shape us – and change our capability for learning and growth. Which is why your sacred path is only yours. Your path leads to the same place as all other paths - we are all going Home - but the route is determined by your past experience and lessons learned.

So at Beltane, we have a new Spring time – but the trees don’t start over – they will add a ring in the coming months, and grow a little bigger. And so will we. Through experience and study, we'll grow in capability toward the fulfillment of our sacred purpose.

We'll put on a layer of experience and growth. So w have not come full circle, rather we have reached the same compass point in our spiral of growth.

Our life experiences shape us – and when you envision and follow your own sacred path it allows you to do choose the best growth experience for you, like a Bonsai expert trims in just the right places, allowing for the best growth for the tree.

We may look at our lives and see what is missing, what has perhaps passed us by, or has not yet been accomplished, but in this Springtime, please look at all you have achieved, what all you have been through has taught you and those around you, and the blessings you have – including how the seeds of your effort in the past year are now sprouting, greening, and becoming because of the energy, care and love you have put into them.

I wish for you to walk your sacred path with wisdom, strength, and joy this year. Because we need way more ducks.

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