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Quite often men face the obscurity of masculinity in Wicca due to glorification of the Goddess. While the Goddess is most important in our faith and spirituality, many often forget the Horned God representing the masculinity of the craft. This is not to take away from either gender but to enhance the experience of both working together. It is by empowering both sides of the spectrum we find balance and harmony. Much like the Goddess works within the Horned One, we find that empowering men makes the tension of a mixed audience during ritual becomes almost non-existent. Oh, there will always be those who oppose a male presence in life due to history’s moments of male domination and abuse. Excluding the male presence in events not only creates an unbalance in the purpose of Wicca but preserves the abusive attitude that prevails even to this very day in most societies.
The world we live in today carries much of the preconceptions of old with abuse that is rampant and variant on many fronts from both genders. Now this doesn’t come to say that even LGBQT people don’t suffer abuse. They do quite often and violently on many occasions but that is not what I am addressing at the moment. The God was born of the Goddess as her companion. This very fact symbolizes the union of the two and the great works they do daily. Since they both are part of the Divine, they celebrate the fact that they are a union on many fronts.
Much like the Yin and Yang, men and women of Wicca can work to be complimentary to each other. This means that each can empower the other to live a spirit filled life by building each other up instead of criticizing and tearing down the other. Working together, we can crush the age old behaviors and conceptions of how each other should act or be defined. This is not meant to say that everyone should be a “fluffy bunny” but rather to suggest that releasing the negative things we are conditioned to enact, whether through society or personal experiences, we can work towards a more meaningful relationship with each other and the divine. This work can bring us closer to others while bringing us closer to the divine in our lives.

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