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im not testing the Freedom of Religion in the Philippines. And i believe we have it here. But how can a private mall specially in foodcourt, i was forbidden to use tarot card with a friend?

This is what i need to know. A mission to safegurad our Freedom.

Tarot Cards is our Tool in faith.

It is like the rosary or Bible of the Christian.

People do pray publicly here in the Philippines. And Even Preach their Gospel on public utility vehicles and even ask donations to passengers for the reason of building their church.

But why do a Witch and Pagan such as i forbidden to practice my Faith Publicly?

Because we are minority? Because we are not Christian?

Now, im seeing things clearly for my Countrymen. Incorporating the Shrine of Luntiang Aghama is not just a piece of Paper.

It requires full authority, of the Right to enjoy the Freedom of Religion.

I might sound like a radical activist. In the name of the Goddess. I will stand and Walk with Her!

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Comment by Priestess Telere Arcana on September 14, 2012 at 5:15pm

You can send them an official complaint, you might be able to find on Free Complaint Letter
I saw one for rude employee might work or employee, or maybe but probably not the restaurant complaint form. Just fill out the form and print it's simple. Hope it helps.


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