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Ha... now i gotcha!

How else could I tell you that you don't need anyone else's spells. I will tell you what you DO need though...

Most witches who have been practicing for a significant amount of time learn that the best spells and rituals are handcrafted. They put them together based on knowledge research and their intent.The better thought out a spell is and the more natural it is FOR YOU the better it works. Of course spellwork in a group setting should be either made by or for that group, or by the group leader (AKA High Preist/ess) -

But I am a solitary witch so I don't generally do group stuff...

So how to craft a kick butt spell? Well first you need intent- which probably means you have a problem... Or else a desire... If you have neither than you probably don't need a spell at all! Once you know what your problem is... analysize it. I'll take the most controversial issue hmmm... ok, so you like this hottie down at the supermarket and you desperately want to get with them and all else has failed so now you gotta go online and get yourself a LOVE SPELL.

haha- you know love spells are "not okay" but you really love this person and you want them BAD!!!! Now we get to the second step of spellcrafting - analyze your problem... Do you really want this person and the REAL PROBLEM is you are shy? or you are just lonely? or perhaps you just want love in your life?

you see that "come to me spell" some chic gave you in a chat room or forum wont REALLY fix your problem... you need a confidence spell or a spell to find companionship, or a spell to open your heart to love... That I can help you with. So step three of spell crafting is correspondences.

Lets say you want the confidence to approach said hottie... You should pick spell elements associated with confidence. Now of course if your book says use yellow, but your heart says use violet- which do you pick? VIOLET of course! The time that you DON'T pick the one that makes more sense to you is if it is for a group spell. Of course colors are easy correspondences- there are also billions of herbs, stones, woods, runes, symbols, and more you can add to your spell. Each has meanings and uses specific to them. For this spell i'll go with the color yellow and the herb rosemary.

The Fourth part is timing. Of course you could make the timing "right now" if you were impatient or in a rush- but if you can wait till a specific day of the week or time in the lunar cycle you may find your spell is more effective. If you can wait till the best time of year even, imagine how powerful your spell could be! So lets say you start your confidence spell on a new moon and it will "end" on the full moon.

Next you need your deities or spirits. For some- you will just ask the goddess or god for assistance- If you are a pantheist like I am I call to a specific deity concerning my spell's intent. For a confidence spell, I would call to the Celtic Goddess Morrigan, and the Dagda.

Sixth is basic spell layout. You get together all your junk and set up how your spell will be put together. for example I will perform my spell on a new moon and it will end on a full moon and I will use yellow candles and rosemary... hmm I will EAT rosemary in my spaghetti sauce. I will invoke the gods, morrigon and the dagda and ask for their aid.. And then I will have a mirror (cause I think of mirrors when I think of confidence"

The seventh step is wordcrafting- you have your ideas- next you have to right it down- of course when you right it dont put in a bunch of "thou hasts" and "hither tos" if the will make it hard to say, understand or if the will distract you. Write the spell in a way that is comfortable for you! like so:

Confidence Spell

On the night of a new moon, gather three yellow candles, a hand mirror and a the ingredients for the following:
Firstly cook the following recipe:


2 large can diced tomatoes
1 large can whole tomatoes
2 large can tomato sauce
1 large can crushed tomatoes
1 can tomato paste
4-5 fresh tomatoes
2 heads garlic, peeled and chopped
2-3 large onions
2-3 green peppers
1 large celery bunch
4 lbs lean hamburger
fresh mushrooms
virgin olive oil
1/4 tsp. each of basil, oregano
pinch each of cayenne, red pepper flakes, white pepper, celery seed, ROSEMARY, thyme, garlic powder, ground sage, turmeric
Mrs. Dash (optional)

Diced tomatoes may be substituted for whole canned tomatoes if desired. If you prefer, use 4-5 diced fresh tomatoes.

Cut up into small pieces onion, pepper, celery including the inner heart, break apart garlic and press each with spoon then peel. Combine all including spices (by smell!) in large skillet, add olive oil. Simmer until all are tender. Strain if necessary. Place into large sauce pot on low heat. Add diced, crushed, sauce, and whole tomatoes. Brown hamburger, make some meatballs if you like and brown as well. Drain meat and add to sauce pot. Turn up heat and simmer just below boil one hour. Turn heat down to low. Let heat for several hours, house will smell great! If you made meatballs wait until one half hour before serving to add to mixture, also add mushrooms at this time.

Editor's Note: Add desired seasonings, as little or as much as you like. If this is the first time you're making spaghetti sauce, go lightly on the seasoning, since less can be better when you haven't yet developed a taste for herbs. One trick is to add a small amount of seasonings at the start, and another few pinches near the end of cooking in order to develop several "layers" of flavor. This sauce can be improved if you substitute fresh basil and oregano leaves when they can be found in season. Taste sauce and add small amounts of red wine, wine vinegar, or balsamic vinegar if too tart and the sauce needs a bit of sweetening.

Submitted by: Gene A. Bigham (from

Portion yourself a plate of speghetti and cast a circle. Within your circle light the candles and say:

"Brave Morrigan
Goddess- aid my in my spell
Help me find the confidence you possess in myself!

Courageous Dagda
Lend my your help
I wish to be as confident as you!"

Hold the hand mirror in front of you look at the reflection, say:

"Oh look here, there is a dashing man/woman
Let me feel that confidence within!
As the moon grows full let the confidence within me grow full
so that it is seen by my reflection!"

Then eat that spaghetti before it goes cold- visualizing you meal strengthening and adding power to your spell!


Of course the last step is to DO your spell... and then afterwords revise it. If you didn't "feel" it and it didn't work for you... change it! Good witches do LOTS of revision!

So Here are the steps:

1. Intent
2. Analysis
3. Correspondences
4. Timing
5. Deities
6. Layout
7. Word-craft
8. Perform

9. Revision

Blessed Be and Good Luck!

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