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So everyone knows about wicca or paganism which it is sometimes known but not everyone is into it.

Christians sometimes mistake paganism and witchcraft because they think it is linked to the devil somewhere along the line but everyone has to know PAGANISM CAME BEFORE CHRISTAINLTY!
But the wiccan rede has in it
“Harm none, do what ye will” which means do what you want with witchcraft but don't harm anyone so we don't do curses or anything,

Pagans are very in tune with
Nature and we love the mother goddess who is kinda the queen of the goddesses, pagans meditate and connect with her, we have quiet a few goddesses:
element of water
element of fire
element of air
element of earth
and of course the spirit which is the 5point star called the pentagram (more on that later)

we will go though a lot of stuff to do with paganism and wicca in this article in each week and I will not miss a thing so I got my books to make sure I don't miss anything

So I hoped to enjoyed the introduction of this wonderful piece of work
I'm looking forward to hearing from you if you got any questions you can send me emails at

in the next issue:

the wiccan rede
living the wicca life
the differences of paganism and charmed

by Boudica

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