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It is this day that I tell you a Tale, a story to draw from, so wont you read along ....

It was that a angel searched the world and it indeed saw many things , and on its journey it was impressed with a man that was standing in the middle of a road , as the man was very confused  and dazed now another man standing on the side of the road saw a big truck which was driving very fast and of course was not able to stop , so the man on the curb rushed out to the other side and pushed the man out of the way of the on coming truck , unfortunately the man could not save his own life but that of another , the angel swooped down and gathered up the Blood and took it to the Divine saying, I believe this must have been the most excellent experience of human nature , to give ones life for the life of another . Divine spoke saying , you have found a excellent experience but it is not the most , go back .

So it was that the angel returned to earth and began its search once again .

It scanned the world  and it was that this time the angel paused and took notice of a woman who was about to give birth . Now the woman moaned and cried out and this went on for some time and soon a infant appeared and when she saw the little life their before her, her  pain and all of its misery disappeared and in its place was the filling of warm ecstasy, as love became her . Now the angel reached over and took a drop of sweat from the woman and returned to Divine . On speaking saying , this I believe is the most excellent experience of the human kind , bring new life into the world . And Divine spoke saying , yes this is excellent but it is not the most excellent and divine sent the angel out once again .

So once again the angel searched to find the most excellent human experience , and it searched far and wide scanning the heavens and looking upon the earth so carefully it looked as it could see thousands of events taking place at the same time , and it was that suddenly something caught the angels attention, as it focused clearer the angel could see the appearance of a man , and this man was running through the woods he was clearly in a violent mood , so the angel quickly reviewed the mans life , page after page and found that the young man had just been released from prison for he had served many years of his youth behind the walls of incarnation , and now furious he was out for revenge .

Now the angel followed him through the woods and he saw him pause and look towards a house hidden their , inside was the one that had put him behind bars and it was this person who was responsible for taking his life away , when the young man came close to the house he saw a light aglow through the window , staring at the window still bent on revenge and the hatred in his heart . In side the house was another man and his new bride they had just returned from the hospital with their new born daughter, Oh yes they were happy as happy as any new young parents could be .

Now the angry man peered into the window watching as, all of this was taking place and suddenly he broke down and began to weep  , and in silence he walked back into the woods , never to return again . Now the angel seeing all of this and hearing all of this swooped down and took a tear from the brokenhearted man and returning to Divine saying , I think this is the most excellent human experience . The ability to forgive . Smiling Divine spoke saying yes , the ability for human kind to forgive , for it is one of the most distinguished human potentials , the ability to transcend angel and hatred and the desire for revenge into ' forgiveness ' , and it is for this emotion that my human creation continues , for without this one ability it would all disappear in a instantaneous flash .

The mystical point of view is that creation is based upon compassion and loving kindness , forgiving does not mean that we need to embrace someone who has done a despicable thing or action to us or against humanity , rather it is focused on the degree to which we each hold our anger or our negative feelings . If perhaps creation was based upon a pure system of reward and punishment would be the instant result of ones own actions and if this were true then we as a human would not last for long , do we as human nature do things , we say things we make the wrong decisions and surly it would over whelm us all if instant payment was required or of our unskilled behaviors . Therefore their is a time period for ones actions and the result punishment suggesting that the Universe is willing to wait sort of speak .The Hand of reward and punishment  of providence is in everything .

Choose wise my friends .

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