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1. Do not play with things you do not Understand.
2. If you open a door Close IT !
3. Spiritual activity online has to be viewed with a grain of salt what i mean it can only be taken at face value if the camera never stops rolling and is unedited.
4. Spiritual activity happens a little at a time not all at once it takes to much energy to do so unless it is very powerful what may be called Poltergeist may be in fact just normal spiritual activity for example the things turning off and on opening and closing this can be done by other spiritual activity but when you start seeing things like Stacking Levitation and violent acts then this is normal for Poltergeist activity.

This has nothing to do with daemons the devil none of that bullshit.

Things like looking for death and the use of witch boards to open portals are not wise even if it is just a pen and paper your asking it to possess you to use your body to communicate Don't go looking for something you may one day regret asking for..this means provoking trying to take readings Know the risk involved before you call on anything. Always be prepared for the worst
just because it looks cool in a movie it is not as fun in real life. As a pagan and part of my pagan practice we communicate with spirits and the dead but i do not sagest any one try this at home I understand fully what i am doing and how to take care of problems if they get out of control. That is not to say that i can make mistakes or get in way over my head alone...Just know that spiritual activity may look fun but in reality it is the intention of the spirit or being that is being shown and this can change from good to violent in seconds so just understand what your doing and the risks that can happen.

I will say it again as before You should RESPECT spirits and the dead not try to force it to leave or remove it self with out a reason FIRST example of this is most times violent. Most cases have found this happens a lot around prepubescent Kids or place of high stress and energy's but not always.
It can happen at any place or age groups. Spiritual activity is not made from the cults and devil worshiping It is a Unknown Phenomenon that science can't even explain but it sometimes happens for as long as a Year in some cases Longer depending on the Haunting and location also renovation can cause the spiritual activity to rise depending on locations and season the vale is at it thinnest on Halloween also called Samhain pronounced SAW-WIN. but can happen any time of the year.

The goddess is in the aspect of the crone in this time we reflect and welcome home reflective spirits and friends who have passed She is also known as the dark queen but this is more of a statement of her aspect.

I would rather communicate with spirits in the astral planes
but learning to travel or astral project is not a easy one. Takes a lot of practice much is needed to know your way back as well as forward backward left and right up or down paths. As i embrasure a shamanistic practice as well as druidism path and also Wicca The spirit walk of my priesthood helps me better understand the balance of energy As Above So Below. What is more Impotent is a reminder to harm none Only for the Good and so I help spirits cross over I work on my clairvoyance as well as intuitions and reading skills.

I never force any spirit to leave it is by there choice to cross over into the next world once they leave this one. but some find a way to resist leaving attach to the living even after there long gone from the body. But with respect and love we help and with out harm help them go to where they want to go
sometimes this is re leaf for some who have been haunted . I think sometimes it is miss understood or blown out of context but it depends on what kind of haunt there having a issue with if it is strong like a poltergeist
sometime mistaken for possession and the devil by Christians or demonic forces when these wreaths come calling is never nice.

The darker the force the more stronger but this is not always the case when possession takes place this more times is from a Poltergeist and is very dangerous not only to the one person that gets violated by such a spirit but to the people around that person are in danger. such acts in my eyes calls for a strong bind never to be released. trapped inside this bind they can not hurt another person a exercitium only releases it for a short time to another plane but does not address the problem.

To be bound and sealed has to be done but this also must be done the right way or the spirit may escape or be let out by some unknown person or time it self withers away the object until it is released....So it has to be done right not a doll a mirror with a black cloth in a locked box sealed 3 x with salt
and then again on out outside and sealed in glass. Bound Forever for there actions.

Spiritual Activity

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Comment by fantumofthewinds on October 13, 2014 at 8:23am

interesting ....

Comment by Rev.Rave on October 23, 2014 at 2:16am

I wanted to add this because rev.don talks about crossing over and a few things you can do
and i agree with him 100 % when it comes to helping a spirit it can often if you ground the
energy you can slow or stop it I agree but I have seen spirits that uses fear or emotion to raise it back up by becoming more active not less active....But i still agree with rev.don grounding the energy is a great way to help also by adding positive energy into the home also would work well.


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