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By: Rev. Faemore Lorei

The spirits of nature have fascinated me forever. They were family and friends, home and the world from the time I was a very young child. We share the same heart. I know this because I feel them in mine. They were My kin, not Other kin; and they still are today.

The featured nature spirit is the Tempestarii. Appearing in myriad mythologies, the Tempestarii are nature spirits who wield the power of weather magick. In their early history, the Tempestarii were gods of rain and vegetation, who hurled driving rains and drought, lightning and thunder, frost and storms at humankind on impulse and whim, instinctive and unpredictable.

The Tempestarii were revered and feared, venerated and hated due to the significant influence of their power on the growth of food and livelihood. In 506 AD, the Visigoths decreed the death penalty against the nature spirits for affecting the agricultural production on which the Roman State levied heavy taxes. Then, in the Middle Ages, it was suspected that witches, and also certain kinds of dwarfs and giants, were the ones spoiling the crops.

In medieval lore and legend, the Tempestarii were magicians, weather-makers and bewitchers of the sky. They dwelled amongst the pagan peoples, peoples of the heath, and possessed the power to raise and quell storms at will. It was for this reason, that anyone reputed to be a weather-maker was the subject of respect and reverence, fear and hate, across the rural countryside.

There was a belief that the Tempestarii were in league with a mythical race of cloud-dwellers, denizens of the land Magonia - the Land of Magick of Thieves. The Magonians sailed the skies in ships of storm clouds, and would pay the Tempestarii to brew and summon up violent storms over farmlands, so that they could then dive down and pilfer the corn and crops from the fields.

The Magonians cast off their cargo on the land as hail storms and heavy rains, damaging crops. They landed their storm cloud ships and with the aid of the Tempestarii, stole what was left. Many times these mythical pirates left without paying the witches; the witches chased after them as the wispy clouds that are often seen after a storm. The witches themselves then charged the populace a certain portion of their crops to keep the weather pirates away.

It is held however, that the Tempestarii were not the medieval witches who assisted the Magonians, but the Magonians themselves – a race of beings who control the weather from their mythical homeland of Magonia. Naturally they cannot grow any crops of their own as they live in the clouds and the sky. So they create magickal storms to ruin the crops of man, taking them back to Magonia on great sky-ships, made of cloud and storm.

Thank you for flying with us. When you see the driving rains and when the land is dry, when you hear the thunder rumble and lightning arcs over the sky, remember the Magonians … remember the Tempestarii. May they grant you sunshine and clear skies; and may the nature spirits be ever by your side. May your roots dig deeply into the soils of Spirit; and until we merry meet again, may you brightly blessed be.

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Comment by Rev. Lilith on February 16, 2013 at 9:58am

what a lovely blog!!! i wished was such a good blogger like you1 :) it seems everybody blogs these days on the internet, yet when i try to write down my thoughtts i tend to drift away and get totally lost ..... Have you got any tips for me perhaps???


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