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Festival Season and World Tarot Day Reading Results!

Greetings all!

Summer is upon us and the festival season has begun! This last weekend Magick TV took its cameras out to the Twenty-fifth Annual St. Louis Pagan Picnic. Rev. Lori Blackman livecast several of the Picnic's rituals for you to see live as they happened and we hope that you enjoyed them! If you missed the livecast you can still see them in our archives!

Rev. Lori and I also interviewed a number of people at the picnic including Shea Morgan, Bella Isis Shay, Laura Gonzales, Christopher Penczak, Selena Fox, and many more! You will be able to see these interviews starting this weekend at!

This Friday night we will be discussing the results of the synchronized Tarot reading done on World Tarot Day with guest Ed Hubbard on the Correllian Family Hour at 9 PM Central on How did the mass synchronized reading turn out? Were the results consistent? What other new and interesting things are coming in the future of the psychic and magical world? Tune in as it is sure to be fascinating discussion!

Looking for books and supplies? Check out the Corr Store! Find books, jewelry, tarot, robes and regalia and more at!

Witch School is a huge site with thousands of pages of material including classes, glossaries, a library, as well as numerous social media platforms and video offerings at Magick TV and audio programming at the Pagans Tonight Radio Network. All of this is part of the education ministries of the Correllian Nativist Church which seeks to increase education regarding all spiritual paths as well as psychic and magical practices. How do we support all of this? Through your memberships and donations. A Witch School Lifetime Membership is a lifetime investment in education and community. Get a Witch School Lifetime Membership for yourself or a loved one at

Blessings an thank you for your support!

Rev. Don Lewis

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