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Finally Sort of Ready for my next test and now am ready for that online teacher.

Hello All,

I've finally finished reading my 2nd Degree on Rituals. I'm ready to do my test this weekend. I'm not ready to do that now due to the fact that I am working nights now.

So that means, that I am ready for a teacher.

I'm stalling on the test because I don't want to repeat my 2nd degree. Plus, I would like to redo my Spell test which somehow disappeared when I go into

Now does anybody now want to volunteer as an online teacher for 2nd degree? You can do that until this weekend. I might not respond to my email right away. I know that I have a job interview for a day job tomorrow and I think that I might go shopping in the next coming days as well.

And by the way, I forgot to mention that there are two new episodes of my podcast that is now up. So go to to listen to both of them. I have a contest for those pagan poets who want to join my poetry site too.

Midnight Starr

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