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Graduation at the university where I'm a professor just ended and I'm sitting three floors above the dell looking down at the graduation crowd and reflecting on the last year.

Early in their senior year many of my students realize that their lives are going to change. They are 22 years old and have been in school since they were 5 and all of the sudden classes, school activities and friends aren't going to be the center of their world.  They want to know what's next and what do to.

In a perfect world we could all be doing something pagan to make a living. My wife would make a living off her light language art and readings. I would have a successful pagan book store and do Vedic astrology on the side. And even better all of the rest of you would find joy and financial success through the marriage of your pagan passion and work.  So, here is what I tell my students and I might work for all of us too:

1.  Do what you love.  I tell my students not to major in a field that they don't love.  If you have to do it day in and day out then eventually it might start to get mundane.  If you don't love it then it will it will be hard to stick with over the long haul.  So turn something you love into your career.

2.  Love what you do.  If you don't love what you do then it is probably time to do something else.  What I tell my students is that if they don't love what they do then they won't do it very well, then their boss will notice and they will get fired, and then they will  have to find a new job anyway.  If you don't love your job but need the job then pretend like you love it, the attitude shift might just work some magic on you.

3. Remember the law of three.  Whatever you put into something will comeback to you three fold.  Try that with your pagan activities and see if when it comes back threefold you can make it work.  For example, want to be an author, then write and write and write, put your energy into it and expect that energy to return threefold.

4. Put magic into it.  Yes, I tell my students to do this, but I don't tell them to write a spell.  But we can.  Write a spell for a better job, for a promotion in your job, for a better job, for success launching a new business, for more walk-in traffic in your store.  Write a spell for whatever you need to be successful.  Magic works, or I wouldn't be here because by day I'm a very pragmatic accounting professor.

Find peace and joy,

Rev. Dave

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