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Here is our first Coloring Page. I will be posting one per day, around this time, at least five days per week. Subject matter will probably vary, but at least these first ones are likely to be of historical figures. I have chosen the Egyptian Queen NefertIti as the subject for the first Coloring Page, because she has been so much in the news of late. Queen NefertIti was the wife of King AkhenAten, and was extremely prominent in his reign and in the Aten religious movement. Queen NefertIti was certainly among the most powerful Queens in Egyptian history. It is also speculated that NefertIti may have assumed the throne in her own right after AkhenAten's death, ruling under the name NeferNeferuAten, but NeferNeferuAten's identity is uncertain and could just as easily have been one of NefertIti's daughters. The name 'Nefert Iti" means "The Beautiful One has Come" or "The Good One has Come", "Nefer" being a wider concept than can be encapsulated in any single English word. Queen NefertIti's parentage is not definitely known, but she is generally speculated to have been the daughter of Ay and his first wife Iuy, and to have been a niece of Queen Tiye and thus a cousin of her royal husband. This means of course that contrary to what certain recent news stories have suggested, it is not possible for Queen NefertIti to have been the mother of King TutAnkhAmen as DNA has shown his mother to have been a full sister to AkhenAten (and identified her as the mummy known as "The Younger Lady"). Queen NefertIti was however definitely the mother of Queen AnkhesEnAmen and thus mother-in-law to TutAnkhAmen.

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Comment by Merry C. Carey on August 17, 2015 at 1:32pm
Wonderful!! :)
Comment by moongazer on August 18, 2015 at 6:55am
This is awesome. I love coloring. It calms my mind.


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