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   I am, now, about 1/2 way done with my First Degree Studies! I am in lesson 7 of the twelve! I am so proud, happy and glad for myself - every lesson I aim toward finishing the test with a 100% and I have done well for myself towards this goal. :D I have had quite a fun time studying with and hope to continue going strong, I love it! The lessons are fun, the information is well presented and I enjoy it greatly and am grateful for this opportunity to learn!

   Last year I got my lifetime membership. Now? I am using it as well as I can... And happily! I am aiming towards joining the clergy, my mentor is Rev. Jinn and she is very helpful.

   I intend to, next month, buy lifetime Daily Spell lifetime membership with the special rate. I believe that this is important for many people to do, at least those who can afford it who are Pagan. After all, Pagans need to stand together to support one another and having news to read will see to this ideal becoming more practical - and I am grateful for this avenue. After all, there is news for many religious affiliations, why not us too? We need to unite because I believe that we need to "... unite or you will fall" as Elrond said in the Movie Version of "The Fellowship Of the Ring" due to the fact that, politically, this is an "interesting" time... Net Neutrality is in danger in addition to the other "stuff" that is also threatened. I will not discuss my political viewpoint other than to say I pray for a better future for all concerned... I leave it in the hands of the Goddess and God what happens next and I try to be part of the solution if I can. I see this donation as being part of the solution. So, if you are reading this, give it some thought to joining the Daily Spell as a Supporting Member.

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Comment by BlackCatMagic on December 5, 2017 at 11:22am

Congratulations! I am also in the midst of my First Degree studies, and I agree that the lessons are wonderful! I am greatly enjoying the journey.


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