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First Degree Studies Update : "In the Hand of the Goddess"

   This is the contents I wrote of an email to my Mentor here at - I thought that I should share this. I am just so happy... You shall see why.

   Email Title : "In the Hand of the Goddess"
   Email Contents:
"... Or more specifically : In the Paw of the Goddess Bast.
   I know there is a book by the same title as this email (I have even read it, it's a fiction work by Tamara Pierce I think) but I asked in prayer for help finding my Patron Deity earlier in the week. I felt uncertain who was calling me to them, so I prayed to the God/dess in the form of Universal Deity for guidance to help me discover my Patron/s.
   Just today, I put up my mini X-mas tree in my hall. And : Inside the box with the old orniments was my first wand EVER (which I had never used because I bought it before I knew anything, and at present I needed a wand and had not been able to find one I liked yet so, this one is very speical as it is EXACTLY what I wanted to find but couldn't before now) as well as a statue of Bastet... And I had felt that Bastet was, possibly, calling me before this but I was uncertain... This clenches it.
   I had thought these items were lost forever due to the fact that I had to move out suddenly from one place and could not be present to move my things at the time and my Parents helped me clear out all my stuff and should Dad disapprove of something, into the trash it WENT.
   I can only assume MOM packed this box, and now I know who my Patron Deity is to my great JOY. And I got my first wand back in the bargain too! Miracles are universal and to me this is a miracle as well as a SIGN! I made an offering of Tuna fish to Bastet as well as gave some to my cat and, I too, ate a Tuna sandwhich in Bastet's honor tonight.
   I Have to admit : I will study a lot harder from this point then I did earlier in the week... This, feeling personally and totally UNEXPECTEDLY blessed and having my questions ANSWERED in the form of a Sign, makes me feel more like I am being noticed and loved, like I am desired and am meant ot be a part of my Religion and that is a thing I had not felt before with Dad's narrowminded pushing of Catholicism. That, feeling the path is there and that I was meant to WALK IT, gives me motivation to learn more... And I am so happy to have Witchschool!
   May you have a blessed Yule season,
   End Email. Thank you for reading this and I hope that you and yours are well and happy in this Yule Season

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Comment by BlackCatMagic on December 12, 2017 at 9:06am

Don't you just LOVE the Universe? Happy Yule!


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