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First Post - Not Quite Sure What To Say

I have been contemplating over the last few days since signing up, how I should get started being active in this group. I am not of your tradition, actually I am an electic Solitary Witch, but know in my heart, that your wisdom is something I can learn from. Therefore, I decided to use this first post to tell all of you hello, and express my deepest thanks for the work you are doing here and on other parts of the web, educating many Witches and non-pagans alike about our Craft. I am honored to be here, and if there is any way I can be at assistance, let me know.

Blessed Be!

Claudia - "Homeschool Witch"

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Comment by Tony Jenkins on May 27, 2009 at 4:42pm
Witch School is not a tradition, it's actually around to teach several things. Sure the Correllian tradition is here, but other traditions are welcomed to come in and start up groups here as well, as long as they are Witch School friendly.

I'm not a Correllian either sister, so welcome to the mix! I've got my own blend of things going. I am nothing and everything all the same. Really, how I see it, is I will draw from the past, but ultimately it is up to me to make my own present and give name to it. If I someday decide to join a tradition, great. Until then, I'm happy just getting together with several Pagans and having a few drinks and just living. That's good enough for embracing and understanding Spirit for me.

Many blessings,


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