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For Teens- Examining your Religious Path (View from a Pagan Mom)

So you are a witch now eh?

Me too! I was a teen once too, and now like your mom's and dad's I am a parent too! Becoming a mom as given me a whole new light on where parent's mind's are at!

A little math and a look at my profile will tell you that I was 11 when I began my practice of Wicca. I was within a couple years of being confirmed in the catholic church- and that was a daunting task hanging over my head. I was preparing to devote myself to "god" and Christ! It REALLY made me examine my beliefs, the bible, and my religious experience- and I concluded that Catholicism was not for me. From there began a journey through study of Buddhism, Tao, Shinto, and eventually Wicca. That is where I settled.

But who cares? I was also a rebel and to say that the rebellious side of my nature had NOTHING to do with looking into Wicca- would be a LIE! A dark snickering part of my adolescent psyche really loved the word "witch" and all the preconceptions associated with it. Lets be honest... did these things not attract many of us? Now the love of the earth and the magic of ritual is what kept me here- but that sexy, evocative, dangerous, heavy word :WITCH- drew me to it like a moth to the flame.

THAT is exactly why most christian parents fear Wicca- and rightfully so. (oh and eternal damnation of your soul) You see, 99% of all parents love their children and are trying to guide them down the path that they feel is best for them. Parents who follow the bible TRULY believe that it is the way to salvation- the greatest gift of god to any christian. Your parents love you and that is why they want you to believe in god and be a christian. I certainly cant blame them. I would be livid if anyone tried to teach my daughter a religion behind my back! It is my sole responsibility and privilege as a parent to guide and advise my daughter in her spiritual path. UNTIL your 18 years old (in the USA) that is your parents right too!

So why are you a witch? YOU either want to piss them off, you want to feel independent, or you feel that your previous religion does not satisfy you spiritually. Unless the third applies to you- you might as well rebel elsewhere! Wiccans have enough battles to fight without fighting YOUR mom and dad for your "eternal soul"- just so you can prove something! sorry...

IF you really want to be a witch after the allure of "being naughty" wears off then good for you! Wicca is a beautiful religion that is rich with spiritual gifts. Wiccans generally try to live in a way that is beneficial to themselves and others.

Eventually, you may wish to "come out of the broom closet"- You may want to tell your parents that you are wiccan. Keep in mind that the reason we use the aforementioned expression is because, for many, they might as well be saying that they are gay. Both can be met with extreme dislike and lack of acceptance. That is the honest truth.

So if you are brave enough to drop that sort of bombshell, you better be prepared to defend yourself, and your new found spirituality! Your parents will probably want to know EVERYTHING about what you believe and WHY! They should too... Smart parents know the dangers of cults, underground subcultures and other devious things. They know that terrible people exist in this world and that many of the target teens- like you. They also know that teens are famous for doing stupid things. These are all points that will factor in your parents argument against or outright prohibition of Wicca and witchcraft. They will call you out on your beliefs! They may ask if you worship Satan, sacrifice animals or babies, drink blood, lurk in graveyards, cast evil hexes and spells, use Ouija boards, do seances, or do diabolical rituals. They will want to know why you chose this path and why you have forsaken theirs. So why have you? Huh? If you cannot answer all these questions honestly for yourself you need to!

If this is really what you believe you will have to prove them wrong with debate, research, and action... OR you will have to wait till you are an adult and can choose your own path.

Of course the last option- the one many follow - is to be deceptive. I beg of you, as a mom who loves my child, loves Wicca, and knows how your parents feel... DO NOT sneak around like a weasel and practice Wicca behind your parents' backs. All you will prove to your parents is that Wicca IS BAD and that wiccans are liars and sneaks. We aren't that way at all... and most wiccans would hate to be viewed in that light! Instead, respect your parents and love them... and know that Wicca will be there when you are ready and we will welcome you with open arms and hearts!

I sound mean, and judgmental and this isnt the lovely article with tender advice you wanted! I am judging you, just as you parents will... because I love you. Wicca is not the easy road and that is a lesson all of us have to learn! I walked this path. My parents judged me too! I love them more for it. I was forced to work hard to prove to them that this religion was right for me and my family! What was my reward for fighting this battle?


Blessed Be and Good Luck!

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Comment by Rev. William Kelly (Bill) on December 1, 2009 at 6:11pm
Thank you so very much for writing this. There is so much thought that went into this, so many questions answered. This is just right to the point and then driving it home. I hope that it might actually end up on the cover of So You Want To Be A Witch or some such.
Again thank you,
Brightest Blessings
Comment by Megan L Conklin on December 1, 2009 at 6:28pm
Thanks so much both of you! I get sick and tired of all these people that act like pagan kids are the "good guys" and heir parents are "bad guys" forcing a faith down their necks for the sole purpose of hurting thier feelings and controlling their lives. I makes me sad to see a lot of adult wiccans (probably an outspoken minority) who seem to endorse kids deceiving parents. We should support parents' rights regardless of their religion... while promoting ETHICAL behavior in young seekers- those who truly come to wicca for fulfillment. I really appreciate those who agree with me!
Comment by Megan L Conklin on December 7, 2009 at 11:04pm
your welcome! thank you! I honestly feel all of this stuff! I hope your path makes your life fulfilled!

Blessed Be!
Comment by Dragonlily on July 29, 2010 at 2:07pm
Wow.Idk what to say lol
Because well its true lol and i agree it should be on
a cover of a book or something of the genre.
I'll have to let you know how my journey goes :/.
But i think i already know.But hoepfully im half right lol.
Comment by Jenn cooke on July 2, 2011 at 1:43pm
I agree with you completely . It is frustrating though when people think there is only one ay to do things and they do not see your side of the argument.


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